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Indigenous Personnel For Industry

  • Published in Economy
According to the State Committee for Employment of the RS (Y), the project Local Personnel For Industry has been being implemented in Yakutia since 2017

The project is developed in order to create favorable conditions for the employment of local labor for industrial enterprises of the republic, to ensure employment and labor mobility of the population of Yakutia. Today, the project involves 20 major companies conducting production activities in the republic. During t9 months of 2018, the companies recruited 4,500 people from among the local residents, including 1,779 young people, and 935 rural residents.

ALROSA is the largest employer in the republic. In the framework of the priority project, the ALROSA Personnel Training Center annually trains the unemployed population of the region in technical specialties. After selection, people are trained with the subsequent employment in industrial areas of the company. More information about this - in the words of the workers of the Udachny Ore Mining and Processing Division.

The driver of the road train (truck tractor), a native of the Olenek ulus Albert Mikhailov got a job in the company three months ago. The man has extensive experience as an ‘E’ category driver. According to him, for about 20 years he worked as a truck driver. Family man, has two children. His family stayed in Olenek, he got a job through the employment service at ALROSA because of the need for stable earnings. In Udachny he was given accommodation in a hostel. Before employment, newcomers are taught the rules of occupational safety, health and labor protection.

"We carry ore from Upper Muna to Udachny. In the month I make about 28 trips back and forth. Early in the morning I leave Udachny and return in the evening. Conditions for work are normal here. We were given overalls. The Company promises to increase our salary soon. I am 48 years old and strong enough. I will work as much as I can,” shared Albert Grigorievich.

Our next interlocutor is also with Olenek, young electrician Aleksey Nikolaev, a bachelor. Has been working in Udachny Ore Mining and Processing Division since May 2018. He considers work at ALROSA the most promising for people with a technical specialty. Every day after the end of the shift in the Zarnitsa quarry, he, along with the rest of the workers, undergo training for slingers (a worker performing slinging (strapping) of cargo or special accessories for loading and unloading operations in conjunction with a lifting mechanism).

“There is a training center here. The slinger's profession is obligatory for our work, because sometimes it is necessary to repair large, 4-ton electric motors and move them with the help of mobile cranes,” he said.

In the future, the young man plans to get a higher education. In this company, ALROSA, all conditions have been created for this, there is a specialized Training Center for organizing continuous education of employees.

“My cousin, in whose apartment I live now, went to Irkutsk, ALROSA sent him to study engineering. Scholastic travel and study are paid by the Company. I want to improve my qualifications up to the fifth grade and also get a higher education in absentia by the assignment of ALROSA,” shared Aleksey.

“There are a lot of local personnel, there are those who came from the ‘mainland’. The team is friendly, discipline is respected, conditions are good,” he said.

A native of the village of Sottintsy in the Ust-Aldan ulus, a graduate of the Mirny Polytechnic Institute (Mining Machines and Equipment), Denis Sivtsev, got a job as a mechanic in Udachny Ore Mining and Processing Division under an agreement concluded by ALROSA with the Institute.

“The graduates of the institute were to work at the Mir mine, but since there was an accident there, we were hired to work at Udachny. Moved here with the family. We have two kids. The eldest child goes to kindergarten. My wife is at home with the youngest child. I work for two days, then rest for two days. We had to rent accommodation. I work in the area of repair and specialized workshops. I have enough salary so far. I think that for three years I will definitely work here, and then I'll see,” said Denis.

Tractor driver Dmitry Gavriliev arrived in Udachny together with his friend from the village of Ulakhan-An of the Khangalassky district. Also, like other fellow countrymen, they decided to find a job at ALROSA. There is no work in their village. The guys have no families yet, so they decided to try to get a job in a diamond mining company through a local employment center.

“Having arrived in Udachny Ore Mining and Processing Division, we were not disappointed in our choice. The pay is good, conditions are normal. I would like to be accommodated in a hostel. We rent an apartment from locals,” said the young man.

Viktoria STAS’