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3 billion for waste disposal and nature reserves creation

  • Published in Economy
3 bln ot waste liquidation
Yakutia will receive about 3 billion rubles from the federal budget until 2021 for waste disposal projects and the creation of environmental zones, the press service of the regional Ministry of Ecology reported Monday

“For the implementation of 'Housing and Urban Environment' and 'Ecology' national projects Yakutia will receive funding from the federal budget in the amount of 2 billion 927 million rubles for the period 2019-2021. This was made possible thanks to the synchronization of the activities of the Ministry of Ecology, Nature Management and Forestry and the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities and Energy of Yakutia,” the message says.

In particular, federal funds will be allocated to the elimination of the tailings of the Kular  gold extraction plant in the north of Yakutia. Abandoned factory located in Ust-Yansky district, is a potentially dangerous facility, contains waste processing of ore and toxic substances. In addition, funds will be spent on the elimination of waste disposal facilities located in the settlements. The ‘Ecology’ national project also includes the creation of ‘Lena Pillars’ and ‘Kytalyk’ national parks, the ‘Big Tokko’ and ‘Bear Islands’ state nature reserves," the ministry said.

The 'Ecology' national project is implemented in the framework of the May decree of Vladimir Putin. The national project includes 11 federal projects, among which are ‘Clean Country’, ‘Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management System’, ‘Clean Air’, ‘Clean Water’, ‘Forest Preservation.’