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EPL DIAMOND - Breakthrough In Jewelry Industry

  • Published in Economy
Experts of EPL DIAMOND Company have experimentally developed hypoallergenic alloy jewelry

The Company was prompted by the World Health Organization’s conclusion that nickel is an allergic metal. So the Company adopted a European standard, which prohibits the use of nickel not only in the jewelry sphere, but also limits its use in everyday products (zippers, fasteners, buttons, etc.).

The EPL experts came up with the idea to use palladium as an alternative to nickel.

Palladium is one of the most expensive metals on earth, a noble metal from the platinum group. The new development of the Company's specialists, who created a successful hypoallergenic alloy based on palladium with new properties for the production of jewelry, changed the situation and now customers have the opportunity to purchase safe white gold products at an affordable price.

Without in any way detracting from the merits of other jewelry companies in Russia and abroad, which also use palladium in their products, but only in a very narrow segment - in exclusive jewelry, the Company’s press service reported that three years ago, EPL DIAMOND has completely switched all of its line of jewelry over to the composition with palladium.

The new alloy with palladium has several advantages: it does not lose luster, does not tarnish, does not turn yellow, has a high hardness when setting diamonds, improves the color of the alloy and makes it whiter, retains plasticity and ductility of the metal. But the most important thing is that such an alloy with palladium has a zero indicator for allergies.

As you can see, the advantage of alloy with palladium is obvious. Work on its creation was carried out by EPL specialists for two years. Within two years, the trial and error method was used to achieve the optimal ligature (composition) of palladium-based EPL jewelry. “Health care is a priority for EPL,” the press service of the Company emphasized.