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New aircraft filling station launched in Nakyn

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New certified container-type fuel tanks are installed at the production site of the Nakyn ore field and equipped with a centralized refueling system

The capacity of the tanks is more than 30 tons of aviation fuel, which reduces the refueling time of airplanes and helicopters of the An-38, Mi-8, Mi-171 and Mi-26 types and reduces three times the cost of maintaining an aviation tanker.

In addition, a new parking place is prepared and equipped for loading and unloading these aircraft.

“These changes made it possible to concentrate all the main volume of traffic on one site, which ultimately improves flight safety, the efficiency of use of equipment involved in servicing aircraft, the practicality of using vehicles that deliver passengers and cargo arriving and departing from Nakyn. Passenger service at the site of the Nakyn ore field is carried out in more comfortable conditions, in a new modular passenger service center prepared by the Nyurba Mining and Processing Division,” says the commander of the Mirny Aviation Enterprise Valerian Veretennikov.

Every day, five flights depart from the Mirny airport to the Nakyn ore field, three of which are performed by An-38 aircraft and two by helicopters. During the day, the aircraft transport more than 85 people and 1.5 - 2 tons of various cargoes. or 10 months of this year, almost 1.400 sorties were committed to Nakyn, including helicopter transport.

The ALROSA aircraft fleet today has two Mi-26 helicopters that also deliver cargo to Nakyn. Today it is the largest mass-produced transport helicopter in the world. This type of helicopter has set several world records for payload, altitude and flight range. The helicopter has excellent technical characteristics, pilots and service personnel love it. Due to their unique characteristics, these helicopters are very popular both in Russia and abroad.
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