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Silver-Polymetallic Ore Processing Plant to be built in Yakutia

  • Published in Economy
ore processing
A plant for processing silver-polymetallic ore will be built in Tomponsky district. Glavgosekspertiza of Russia (RF State Expert Evaluation) reports about it, noting that the project documentation has already received a positive conclusion.

“The plant will be built at the Verkhne-Menkeche field, located on the territory of Tomponsky district. Will be constructed a building of the processing plant, a crushing department with a conveyor overpass, a crushed ore warehouse with a conveyor gallery, a conveyor gallery with a tailings discharge administrative building with a laboratory, a warehouse of fuel and lubricants, a tailings ground, sewage treatment plants and other necessary facilities,” the report says.

The capacity of the plant will be 300 thousand tons of ore per year.

Financing of construction is planned to be carried out at the expense of the developer’s own funds, OOO Geopro-mining Verkhne-Menkeche.