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Yakutia limits number of labor migrants in 2019

  • Published in Economy
labor migrants

The republic has determined the quota for issuing work permits to foreign citizens, according to which their number will decrease by 20% next year.

“I note that the quota for attracting labor migrants arriving in the republic on a visa basis is one of the lowest among the subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District,” said Stepan Moskvitin, Chairman of the State Employment Committee.

According to the ministry, the quota for issuing work permits to foreign citizens for 2019 was approved in the amount of 178, which is 45 less than in 2018 (223 work permits).

“Our task is to effectively use foreign labor in the interests of the social and economic development of the republic. We annually make an assessment and on its basis make decisions to reduce quotas and impose bans on the activities of certain groups of foreign workers,” the agency’s source said.

In Russia as a whole, the need for attracting foreign workers in 2019 has been determined - 144,583 people, which is 81% of the need defined for 2018. At the same time, over 95% of the needs determined for the next year are skilled foreign workers.

According to the federal government, such a decision will allow the employers to meet the demand for qualified workers and will facilitate the implementation of major investment projects, including the construction of the Vostochny Cosmodrome and the Power of Siberia gas pipeline.