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Innovative mindset improves Company's positions

  • Published in Economy
Mayunov Alrosa
Antiquated decisions, as a rule, lead to irreversible stagnation, therefore today it is necessary to have a tool in the arsenal, which allows not only to avoid this, but also to strengthen the position in the future.

This tool is rationalization - the development of new and often simple technical solutions aimed at improving the activities of enterprises and organizations, increasing their efficiency.

ALROSA has such a tool - Innovators' Competition that was recently held in the Company.

The peculiarity of this competition lies in the fact that this is not an event for a tick or an event for an event, because the obligation of 'you-are-forced-to-do' type and the feeling of vain labor have ruined more than one thousand wonderful ideas. The Innovators' Competition did not arise on the orders of authorities, but was the result of a response to the emerging production challenges. This is what employees face every day, and it’s good when rational proposals are aimed at developing a culture of continuous improvement and improving all production processes and operations. And in this regard, the opportunity to see your idea implemented is the highest praise and incentive for further work.

This year, the contestants presented 41 technical decisions to the jury. 18 projects for core production and 23 for the auxiliary. Works were evaluated on a 10-point scale. The main criteria: efficiency, creativity, complexity, economic feasibility.

According to the organizers of the competition, this year most of the rational proposals with tangible economic effect were presented by the Mirny site. The rationalizers of the Internatsionalny mine and the Nyurba Mining and Concentrating Division became winners in the ‘Core production’ section. Sergey Chigodaev (Aikhal MPD) received the main prize for ‘Supporting Activities.’ Awards for second place went to the project authors from 'Vodorazdelny galechniki' mine (Watershed pebbles) and the Almazavtomatika trust. All winners of the competition received diplomas and cash rewards.

“The competition has shown that the really rationalization proposals that are put up for the competition today are quite mature and quite applied. Practically all activities are not theoretical, and we see that something is already being introduced or has already been introduced,” told the head of Production Improvement Management of ALROSA, Igor Zherdev.

We talked to Aleksandr Mayunov, one of the authors of the project, which won first and third places in the rationalizers’ competition of ALROSA. The young man was confident in the victory of his team. Their proposal has allowed to accelerate the rise of diamond-bearing ore to the surface from the deep levels of the Internatsionalny mine. The economic effect is estimated at 19 million rubles.

“In April 2018, a complex of a blind skip shaft was commissioned. Immediately from the first month of operation, he had problems. Such as air supply, as the skip complex is located at the lowest elevations of the Internatsionalny mine. From the 790 mark, where we have enough air, we led an air duct to us and at the extreme point directly in front of the distributor we installed a large-capacity air-drying filter. That is, if the regular air dryer was the size of a glass - an ordinary tea glass, then not 100 grams of air will fill it, but all 100 liters. With the air, we increased the speed of working out one cycle - loading, lifting, unloading,” shared Aleksandr.

Another participant in the competition is Akhmat Batchaev, specialist of the ‘Vodorazdelny galechniki’ mine of the Mirny Mining and Processing Division. Their project is how, in a fairly simple way, they avoided the problem of failure of the jib of a front loader. At present, the issue of failure parts resolved.

“In 2004, the Dressta 534E wheel loader was commissioned and operated at the ‘Vodorazdelny galechniki’ mine. During operation on this loader, the lower finger of the boom lift hydraulic cylinder repeatedly broke off. The delivery of the lower finger warranty was refused. The manufacturer argued that the load on this node was exceeded. As a result, the item had to be ordered at the expense of the Mirny Division. In short, our project “Equipping a Dressta 534E front loader with a hydraulic boom lift cylinder baseplate” is that we have strengthened the loader node, which carries the main load. It used to break down often, and now we have brought an issue to a close.

It was a good competition, in which a lot of company employees from Udachny and Aikhal took part. I confess honestly, it was not easy to take a leading position. The Company, in order to pay attention to a large number of participants, distributed several first places and gradually heard reports (from the core and auxiliary production),” shared Akhmat.

Today, high-class professionals work in the diamond-mining company. Naturally, each of them sees opportunities for improvement in his field (and often - and much more). And since the Company’s management is always open to new ideas, a fairly well-formed system has emerged, which resulted in the Innovators’ Competition. On the way of further improvement of production mechanisms one cannot rest on laurels. And here the phrase of Lewis Carroll fits well: “ ... here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”

In the photo: Aleksandr Mayunov