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ALROSA and Nyurba signed a cooperation agreement

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Podpisanie ALROSA Nurba1
On December 17, ALROSA and the Nyurba District municipality signed an agreement on long-term mutual cooperation in the field of social and economic development for 2019–2021, while the Company exercises the right to use subsoil resources in the Nyurba ulus.
The Company will transfer 324 million rubles annually to the Nyurba District.

This agreement, in addition to developing diamond deposits in the territory of the municipality and conducting exploratory geological exploration for the identification of new diamond deposits, includes an action plan for implementing the municipality's social and economic development strategy, assistance in personnel training and further employment of the local population and other items.

Podpisanie ALROSA Nurba2

“Historically, our subsidiary, ALROSA-Nyurba, financed a number of social events in the Nyurba district. And after buying a stake from the republic, ALROSA is faced with the issue of the continuity of this agreement. All social contributions that the company has made to the budget of the Nyurba district will be saved, as well as contributions to the entire republic,” CEO, Chairman of the Board of ALROSA Sergey Ivanov, emphasized.

During the period of implementation of agreements on programs to promote the socio-economic development of the Nyurba District, more than 4.7 billion rubles were allocated. The funds are directed to the design, construction and repair of social and industrial facilities, the purchase of equipment.

Podpisanie ALROSA Nurba3

At the expense of funds from diamond mining, various capital construction projects were put into operation, including: 7 schools for 1.520 students in six localities of the Nyurba District; 5 kindergartens for 250 children in 4 settlements; 6 health facilities in 3 locations; 10 objects of culture and sports in 9 settlements; 6 residential buildings and hostels in 3 settlements; 13 production facilities in Nyurba (asphalting and improvement of streets, power lines, boilers, fire station, vegetable store, etc.).

Source: ALROSA
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