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Polyus Aldan has set a gold mining record

  • Published in Economy
Polyus Aldan

A new gold mining record was set at one of the oldest enterprises in Yakutia, Vesti reported

"The plant is over-working five million tons. And just yesterday we reached a record figure. The Plant plus Heap Leaching is six tons of gold. And today, I want to report, we have completed the annual plan - six tons seventeen kilograms. By the end of the year, we plan to mine another two hundred kilograms of gold," explained JSC Polyus Aldan Managing Director Aleksei Noskov.

In 2019, the team of Polyus Aldan plans to again increase the volume of gold mining. To this end, metallurgists annually invest three billion rubles in new equipment and technology.

"The miners are starting to excavate the next gold layer. This is one of the eleven deposits of the Kuranakh ore field. It has been developed for decades, but it is still rich. Gold is everywhere, but you need to be able to take it - to collect it literally bit by bit in tons of frozen clay," says the television report.

"Here the mountain range is not homogeneous. Here there are soft rocks, clay deposits, hard rocky soils. And there is a lot of watering,” says Ilya Sivtsev, the Kuranakh mine supervising foreman.

Contrary to popular belief, winter is the most favorable time for the work of metallurgists. During this period, there is no viscous clay and the equipment operates more efficiently. The flow of gold ore to the plant does not stop. The plant is more than 50 years old, but in terms of the quality of gold extraction, it will not yield to new industries.

The plant was opened in 1965, then the processing amounted to 600-660 thousand tons of ore per year.

"Now we have technologies that allow us to extract gold even from poor ores. If in the 60s of the last century, ore with a content of less than 1.5 g per ton was dumped, then now we use these dumps as a technogenic deposit. We take the ore from there and extract the gold using the heap leaching method when the ore is stacked and irrigated with cyanide solutions."

According to Noskov, “such an important indicator as extraction has changed: in Soviet times it was about 68 percent, and now we have achieved a level of 90 percent and sometimes even higher. Not only in Russia, but in the world there are few enterprises with such a high level of extraction."