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Berkakit - Tommot - Yakutsk railway construction completed in Yakutia

  • Published in Economy
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Yesterday, December 24, the first step was taken to put the Tommot - Nizhny Bestyakh launch complex into constant operation: the validity statement of the railway section was signed. During the first quarter of next year, the cargo will go to the final station at the rate of Russian Railways. In August 2019, Railways of Yakutia plan to begin passenger traffic.

On December 24, the working commission carried out the acceptance of works performed by Railways of Yakutia JSC in accordance with the state contract for the construction of the Tommot-Yakutsk (Nizhny Bestyakh) launch complex, concluded between the Federal Agency for Railway Transport and Joint Stock Company Railways of Yakutia. The construction was completed in a timely manner.

As YSIA previously reported, the railway meets all standards (including safety), but there is still paper work to put the entire Berkakit-Tommot-Yakutsk railway line into permanent operation and passenger transportation. The signing of the working commission’s act was the first step in drawing up the technical documentation for submitting the construction to the state commission and putting the Tommot-Nizhny Bestyakh launch complex into permanent operation.

This event, without exaggeration, can be called historical: 33 years after the construction of the Berkakit-Tommot-Yakutsk railway line began, we can safely say that today the construction of the railway, which the residents of the republic have been waiting for, has been completed, ZhDYA (Railways of Yakutia) noted.

“The Railways of Yakutia company, with the support of the main shareholders, JSC Russian Railways and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), is doing a lot of work with the Federal Agency of Railway Transport and the Federal Antimonopoly Service to open the Nizhny Bestyakh station in order to carry out cargo and commercial operations in direct communication with the general network of JSC Russian Railways and to extend the common tariff of price list 10-01 to Nizhny Bestyakh station. I am confident that we will cope with this task and during the first quarter of next year the cargo will go to the Nizhny Bestyakh station at the rate of Russian Railways OJSC, which will significantly reduce the transport burden from consignees and consignors of the republic. But the most long-awaited event for all residents of Yakutia will be the launch of passenger traffic to the Nizhny Bestyakh station. We plan to implement this task by the Railroadman's Day on the first Sunday of August 2019,” noted Vasily Shimokhin, General Director of Railways of Yakutia JSC.

Railways of Yakutia JSC is the owner of the infrastructure of public rail transport (Neryungri-passenger - Tommot) with a length of 368 km and a carrier of goods on this section. Since 2014, it has been temporarily operating the Tommot - Nizhny Bestyakh section under construction.