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ALROSA has tested a new generation separator

  • Published in Economy
Diamond sorting center
ALROSA (PJSC) reports on successful tests of a new generation separator. Testing of the joint development of specialists from Burevestnik Innovation Center JSC, Yakutniproalmaz Institute, the ALROSA Innovation Center and Nyurba Mining and Processing Division successfully passed at the Processing Plant No. 16.

“This separator will allow processing dry concentrates containing diamonds of -3 + 1 mm size. RGS-OD-3 separator has no analogues in the world. For the first time, a unique X-ray laser registration system for diamonds was used in the device. Thanks to it, the separation and extraction of diamonds from waste rock will increase up to 98.4%. Briefly, the innovation is that the hybrid separation scheme works in the updated unit, in which the X-ray image is matched with the data of the built-in 3D laser module. With the help of a new hybrid system, we got a machine with very high technological characteristics, which for a number of positions exceed the indicators of the separators currently used. We are now proceeding with the pilot testing of the new equipment and the calculation of the effectiveness of its implementation in the technological scheme of the Processing Plant No. 16," Anatoly Platonov, Director of the Nyurba Mining and Processing Division, explained.

The X-ray laser registration system is capable of detecting all types of diamonds, regardless of their X-ray or hydrophilic properties, which allows for an increase in marketable products and lower operating costs.

The development, laboratory and technological tests of a prototype separator lasted two years and cost ALROSA 25.5 million rubles.