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RF proposes to create an international diamond marking system

  • Published in Economy
Copy of Alrosa Rough Diamonds 4914

In 2020, Russia will head the Kimberley Process - an international organization to combat the shadow turnover of diamonds on the world market, Russian Deputy Finance Minister Aleksei Moiseyev told RIA Novosti.

He is a member of the Supervisory Board of one of the world's largest diamond producers - ALROSA. He said that the Russian side proposes to create an international system for marking diamonds.

According to Aleksei Moiseyev, there is now a system in the world whereby no diamond can be sold without a special certificate.

“But now, in fact, there is no direct connection between the stone and the certificate. Of course, they are attached to each other, but there is no international exchange of data on stones, and the databases themselves do not exist. Then we want to use the technology that you have been repeatedly shown - the marking of large stones," said Moiseyev.