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Sakhatransneftegaz: Yakutia needs gas processing

  • Published in Economy
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In the central part of the region there is an excess of natural gas. The Sakhatransneftegaz company believes that with the help of gas processing facilities it would be possible not only to ensure the reliability of energy supply to consumers, expand its network, but also reduce the cost of transportation.

“We say that gas processing is necessary, and from this point of view it is possible to reduce the price for the population. This is not counting additional jobs, tax deductions and so on," declared STNG CEO Ivan Makarov.

According to him, the company is ready to provide gas transportation in volumes exceeding the current 1.6 billion cubic meters. In the meantime, the company operates within the strict framework of the tariff policy, when the tariff for consumers does not compensate for the operating costs that support the safety of gas pipelines, as well as the gasification of regions of the republic.

"In essence, lost revenues should be provided for in the tariff, but it is important for the republic not to increase the cost for consumers," he said.

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Today there is a problem with the reliability of gas pipeline facilities, which were commissioned in the 60s of the last century. In this regard, for security and uninterrupted gas supply, 84 km of the replacement third line of the pipeline is required to be completed.

Of course, the company forges ahead. With the modernization of the gas processing plant, Sakhatransneftegaz in 2022 plans to produce liquefied natural gas, which is in demand by the market and which can be used as boiler fuel and diesel fuel filling.


This year, in spite of financial difficulties, the company plans to build spurs from the main trunk line to Kobyai district and Vilyuisk, as well as to develop a project for laying a backup pipe to Pokrovsk.