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Under-reporting: Inadmissible - Director of Aikhal Division of ALROSA

  • Published in Economy
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Issues of industrial safety and labor protection at Aikhal Mining and Process Division of ALROSA are given special attention. Director of the Aikhal division, coordinator of the Company's enterprises in the village of Aikhal, Evgeny Denisov spoke about the situation in the field of industrial safety and other issues in an interview with the 'Kyym' newspaper.

Ensuring industrial, occupational and environmental safety is a priority task for ALROSA in all areas of its business. As the leader of the diamond industry in Russia and one of the largest companies in the world in terms of diamond production, the Company is aware of the nature and extent of its influence, and regards it as a mandate to maintain safe working conditions for employees, ensure trouble-free production and minimize environmental impact.

To achieve these goals, ALROSA conducts its activities in strict accordance with the requirements of the laws of Russia and Yakutia, as well as the norms of international law. Today, the Company applies an industrial safety management system, as well as related labor and environmental protection.

- This is a fairly common thing, when in most cases people neglect the concept of security. Evgeny Vladimirovich, please answer how, in your opinion, and why is this happening?

- Let me partly disagree. Still, not all people neglect the concept of security.

In fact, this aspect is quite complex and deep.

I think it is not entirely correct to explain it with the simple term of “mentality”, since the correct (adequate) attitude of people to the issue of occupational safety is acute throughout the world. Over the years, workers and business leaders have a number of stereotypes that security requirements often run counter to production and plan fulfillment. Although in fact, compliance with the requirements of labor protection and industrial safety is a guarantee of workers' life sustaining and health maintenance, eliminating the risk of incidents and accidents, which in turn are most detrimental to the implementation of planned targets.

Not all employees have learned to fully and correctly assess risks, in connection with which the so-called “imaginary safety” arises. This is when there is a conviction in one’s own security, but in reality there are a number of dangerous factors that are not noticed or ignored, thereby putting themselves at risk.

- How do you assess the situation at Aikhal Mining and Process Division in the field of labor protection and industrial safety? What do you need to especially focus on?

- Currently, the system of labor protection and industrial safety of the company has entered a new stage of development. After changing the structure of the management system, specialists and service managers of the workshops were transferred to the subordination of the first head of the division. Work continues on changing the internal regulatory framework in the field of security. One example is the introduction of an updated three-level control standard and the training of managers to work according to new normal. In the near future there is a change in approach to the permit-to-work system. Not all safety issues at work are resolved at the same time and quickly. I believe that at this stage it is too early to assess the situation. There is a lot of work ahead. Goals are marked and clear. We have much to strive for.

As for the second part of the question. Production management system is built vertically. And first of all, attention is focused on the approaches of the first managers, and then on the line managers to the proper construction of the safety management scheme in the entrusted workshops.

Structural changes in the labor protection service and the internal regulatory framework require a change in attitudes towards safety, and not just the implementation of new standards. Not everything new is accepted smoothly. Our primary goal at the present time is to correctly set up an understanding of the priority and importance of organization and ensuring the safety of workers who have not developed the concept of security into a full picture.

- Mining production refers to the production of increased danger. What is the peculiarity of the organization of an effective system of labor protection and industrial safety in the conditions of the Aikhal Division?

- Aikhal Division is the largest diamond-mining plant in the company. Mining operations are carried out simultaneously on four deposits. The production cycle involves 13 hazardous production facilities. Production intenseness undoubtedly affects the organization and implementation of production control in workshops.

Any effective system of labor protection involves a whole system of measures. First of all, this is training and instructing personnel in safe working methods and techniques, providing employees with modern personal protective equipment, organization of ongoing monitoring of compliance with the rules and regulations. The peculiarity of the mining industry is that it involves the constant movement of jobs in space. For example, workers come to the mine face, which shifts a few meters per day. The situation is constantly changing, there may be new dangerous situations associated with the mounting or ventilation of the cleaning space. At the same time, workers are not behind the machine, they are in a limited confined space where, in the event of danger, there is practically no room for maneuver.

- How do you understand one of the principles of ALROSA in the field of occupational safety and industrial safety - “openness and honesty”?

- For a full answer to this question, it is necessary to see the links between the principles of our Company's Policy in the field of labor protection and industrial safety.

The first and main principle of the Policy is “Security Priority.” Every employee should understand that no reason can serve as an excuse for neglecting his own or his employees' safety.

It is impossible to deny that the stereotype “Plan above all,” established in decades, as well as other similar ones, are deeply embedded in the heads of some of the workers. Stereotypes act as reflexes even before the mind turns on.

One of our priority and challenging tasks is to replace obsolete stereotypes with new and correct ones. In this direction, we adopt the stereotype "There is nothing more important than the life and health of employees."

Simultaneously with the first principle, the principle of “openness and honesty” begins to operate. When in the workplace, the employee, faced with a dangerous or potentially dangerous situation, must first take steps to eliminate the hazards. And if the measures taken do not ensure the safety of the work, inform your supervisor, who decides how to do this work safely and whether it should be done at all. It is unacceptable to act on the principle of "Quickly do so that no one sees." Such a path, if it has become a system, always leads, to choose my words carefully, to adverse consequences. If the manager of any level is provided with inaccurate information, then he makes such a decision that does not help solve the problem, and, possibly, in the future, will aggravate the situation, since he thinks that the issue has been resolved.

Hiding problems is unacceptable. The same attitude should be formed for each leader at his level. And everyone should understand, accept and use this principle.

It is worth noting that no appeal can go unnoticed. Communication channels have already been formed and are in operation, through which any of the employees can report security problems at the site or in the shop directly to the company's industrial security management service. And every manager must understand that if he does not take measures to ensure the safety of his subordinates, he will have to bear responsibility for his actions or inaction sooner or later.