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Environmentally friendly building materials production in Yakutia

  • Published in Economy

Zeolite is mined at the Kempendyai deposit

A plant for the production of environmentally friendly building materials from zeolite is being built in the Suntar district of Yakutia. Raw materials are mined at the Kempendyai deposit. The enterprise will produce bulk foam zeolite, building blocks, lintels, interfloor coverings and prefabricated block walls. Foam zeolite is an environmentally friendly and safe material that is produced by low-temperature foaming. Among its advantages, experts also note its lightness, durability, high thermal insulation properties and environmental friendliness.

Foam zeolite is frost resistant, almost zero water absorption and is ideal for use in the climatic conditions of Yakutia. The service life of the material is more than one hundred years, which is two times longer than the service life of the heat-insulating materials used today. Range of application is wide enough: from loose-fill heat insulation and enhancing the thermal protection of floors and intermediate slabs to civilian, residential, low-rise construction.

The initial planned capacity of the workshop is 5 thousand cubic meters per year, with the prospect of expansion up to 15 thousand cubic meters.

Currently, Suntartseolit manufactures cat litter fillers from zeolite, deodorants-dehydrators for refrigerators and shoes, as well as seedlings with zeolite.