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Сlean water to Vilyui will be provided with the support of ALROSA

  • Published in Economy
VilyuskieUlusy Voda
It is planned to build 20 water supply facilities in the settlements located along the Vilyui River as part of an assignment by the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, until 2025.

On January 23, a round table began in Yakutsk to discuss the approval and implementation of the program “Development of water supply systems for the Vilyui group of districts and Zhigansk village in 2019-2025.” The discussion is attended by the heads of the settlements of the Vilyui, Verkhnevilyui, Suntar, Nyurba, and Mirny districts.

On January 24, during the round table, specific proposals were developed for inclusion in the draft program.

“Within the framework of the round table, we will reach a consensus and, of course, will convey the wishes of the municipalities and the vision of the relevant ministry to the Government of the Republic,” noted the Minister of Housing and Public Utilities of the RS (Y) Dmitry Sadovnikov.

At present, a draft program has been developed, which includes 27 settlements of 6 municipal districts. These are primarily the settlements for which the source of water supply is the Vilyui River.

The issue of financing the implementation of the program is being worked out. As sources of financing, funds allocated by ALROSA in the amount of 150 million rubles to the Future Generation Trust Fund are taken into account. Also a possible source of funding can be federal funds in the framework of the "Clean Water" national project.

In 2019, the program plans to purchase and modernize 15 water treatment plants, and the development of design estimates at the expense of the local budget will also begin.

In 2020, the phased construction of facilities in settlements with a population of over 1000 people will begin. In subsequent years, the construction of facilities in the administrative centers of municipal districts will be completed.

As a result of the program, the share of the population of the Vilyui group of uluses and the village of Zhigansk, provided with quality drinking water from the centralized water supply system, will reach 52.3% by 2025. 20 facilities with a total capacity of 5153 m3 / day will be commissioned.

On the first day of the round table, representatives of the Ministry of Finance of the RS (Y), the Ministry of Agriculture of the RS (Y) and the Ministry of Industry and Geology of the RS (Y) told about possible sources of co-financing.

The Rosa Group of Companies (Novosibirsk) presented technical solutions for water treatment and wastewater treatment plants for municipalities. The company has many years of experience in the development and improvement of water treatment and wastewater treatment plants in various spheres of the national economy.

As a result of the event, a final document will be signed with the municipalities on the introduction of measures into the draft program “Development of water supply systems for the Vilyui group of districts and Zhigansk village in 2019-2025” and passports of settlements, reports the press service of the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities and Energy RS (Y).