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ALROSA - Best Innovative Projects of 2018

  • Published in Economy
ALROSA innoproject
ALROSA summed up 7th annual competition of innovative projects. The first place in the “Project” nomination was taken by the work devoted to the implementation of the geotechnology process for the involvement in the processing of diamond ores, previously classified as poor ores.

Traditionally, in addition to ALROSA employees, universities, research and production organizations and individuals participate in the competition. The competition is held in two nominations: "Innovative project" and "Innovative idea" (projects that are at an early stage of development, do not have a prototype and require additional R & D).

In total, 44 applications from participants from Mirny, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Perm, Yakutsk, and Udachny were received for consideration by the competition commission this year. The most popular among the participants turned out to be topics related to technological processes in diamond mining and enrichment.

The best project of 2018 was prepared by several employees of ALROSA: Aleksey Fedyanin, Chief Geotechnical Officer; Evgeny Popadin, Deputy Chief Enrichment Agent; and Gleb Shmarov, Chief Geologist, Head of the Geological Survey of the Udachny Mining and Process Division. It is aimed at identifying areas of poor ore that are promising for processing using a set of methods, including modern technologies of areal survey from drones, direct testing of selected areas and associated geochemical testing. The introduction of geotechnological methods is intended to expand the resource base of the company through the involvement of low-grade ore in processing and, as a result, to provide a more rational exploration of the subsoil.

In the “Idea” nomination, the proposal to open and test the Yubileynaya pipe using the underground method, prepared by the Deputy Chief Surveyor of ALROSA, Andrey Korovenkov and Deputy Chief Surveyor of the Aikhal Mining and Process Division, Ivan Marchenko, was recognized as the best. The second place was given to the work "The use of an anchor-wire-mesh curtain to keep the pit walls in a stable position" (authors - Oleg Nikolenko, Head of the Geotechnical Monitoring Department of the Aikhal Mining and Process Division, and Anatoly Platonov, Director of the Nyurba Mining and Process Division.) The third place was taken by an electrician for electrical equipment repair of the site of ups and downs of the shaft of the Mirny Mining and Process Division, Mikhail Sukhanov, who presented the work "System of wireless power supply for communication systems of lifting installations." Four more submitted works received incentive prizes.

The competition of innovative projects has been held at ALROSA since 2012 and during this time has become an important part of the Innovation Development and Technological Modernization Program of the Company.