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ALROSA plans to gasify Udachny in 2023

  • Published in Economy
ALROSA is considering a major gasification investment project in Udachny. It is planned that as part of the project, the Company will build gas infrastructure facilities, including the Aikhal-Udachny gas pipeline with a length of 56.7 km, a gas boiler house and heat supply stations.

Currently, Udachny is heated by 4 electric boiler houses of the Udachny branch of PTVS (a subsidiary of ALROSA). PTVS heat-generating facilities and the hot air heating units of the Udachny mine will be transferred to natural gas, produced by ALROSA-Gas, a subsidiary of the Company. Gas boiler heating of Udachny will reduce tariffs for hot water and save energy costs.

“The key factors of the project’s economic efficiency are discussed with the government of Yakutia. Together with the government of the republic, approaches and mechanisms for recovering investments in the Udachny city gasification project are being considered,” said Andrei Tarkhov, Chief Power Engineer of ALROSA.

The commissioning of gas infrastructure facilities is scheduled for 2023.