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ALROSA January sales of rough and polished diamonds reached $281.5 million

  • Published in Economy
ALROSA, the world’s largest diamond miner, announces diamond sales results for January 2019.

In January, ALROSA Group sold $281.5 million worth of rough and polished diamonds (-44% YoY). Rough diamond sales amounted to $278.2 million, polished diamond sales –$3.4 million.

“In January, market activity was lower than usual. After active restocking at the midstream in December 2018 (our December sales were up 20% qoq and up 46% yoy), our January sales came lower. At the same time combined sales in December 2018 and January 2019 reached three years average number of $601.9 million. Sales in the diamond market are always cyclical, and apparently, we are seeing the expected correction after the peak values in previous periods,” Yury Okoemov, ALROSA Deputy CEO, noted.

Total rough and polished diamond sales for the two months (December and January) during the last three years


Total sales for the two months, $ million

December 2016 / January 2017


December 2017 / January 2018


December 2018 / January 2019