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Kolmar to increase coal production with the help of a new complex

  • Published in Economy
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The resident of the ‘South Yakutia’ ADZ, Kolmar Group of Companies plans to increase coal production at the Denisovskaya mine. A cleaning mechanized complex of the Polish company FAMUR is installed in the mine, which allows coal extraction to be 2.5 times more efficient. Analogues of such a complex have not yet used in Yakutia, the press service of the Ministry for Development of Russian Far East reports.

The installation of the equipment for sewage treatment was completed in December 2018. Its length is 300 meters. The equipment consists of a mechanized support section, an armored face conveyor, a combine, a pickup mechanism with a crusher, electrical equipment and an oil station.

“The mechanized complex will make it possible to increase monthly coal production at the Denisovskaya mine to 250,000 tons. If there are 340 people working in the first section of the mine, and the volume of production is 120,000-160,000 tons of coal per month, then only 140 people will work at the site where the FAMUR complex is installed,” commented on the General Director of Kolmar Artem Levin.

The complex is fully automated and can work completely remotely. The systems are controlled from the operator’s cabin, where computers monitor the indicators responsible for the state of the equipment and technical processes, such as start-up, irrigation monitoring, cooling and all additional processes of the complex. High-speed Internet provides uninterrupted communication with the central control panel on the surface.

Currently, Kolmar is negotiating with Polish suppliers to acquire a mechanized treatment plant for the Vostochnaya Denisovskaya mine.

Kolmar is one of the largest companies in the Far East. Kolmar unites industrial enterprises for the extraction and processing of coking coal located in the territory of the Neryungri district of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). It is also building a coal transshipment terminal in the Vanino district of the Khabarovsk Territory.