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Sergei Ivanov: Employment of Yakutia's residents is an important social task for ALROSA

  • Published in Economy
ALROSA SergeiIvanov
In 2018, ALROSA employed 950 people as part of the project Local Personnel - to Industry. The Company considers the creation and provision of jobs to residents of the republic as an important social task.

The Company employed 384 people under the age of 30 years.

126 people underwent training at ALROSA at the expense of the Company. Training was organized at the Udachny Mining and Processing Division on the basis of the Verkhne-Munsky deposit. 90 unemployed and unoccupied citizens from the Olenek, Vilyuisky, Verkhnevilyuysky, Suntar, Mirny and Nyurba districts completed the curriculum of various trade jobs program at the ALROSA Training Center.

Sergei Ivanov, General Director of ALROSA:

“Employment of the inhabitants of Yakutia is an important social task of ALROSA. If there are vacancies, the Company offers them to residents of the republic. It seems logical to us for two reasons. Firstly, we believe that the duty of any responsible subsoil user is to employ the local population, thereby ensuring a decent standard of living. Secondly, it is logical for the employees to see how their work brings results and improves the socio-economic condition of Yakutia, their native land.

Nevertheless, sometimes we have certain problems with the selection of local specialists due to the lack of either people of some professions or their qualifications. In this regard, I would like to appeal to the government of Yakutia with a request to improve the quality of vocational education in the republic and to facilitate access to it for residents of remote settlements and rural areas. Such measures could open up new opportunities for hundreds of people in the region and increase the number of professionals for the diamond industry.”

Realizing the importance of this issue, on February 19, ALROSA took an active part in the work of the discussion platform Labor Resources and Industry, organized by the Employment State Committee of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Aleksei Dyachkovsky, Deputy General Director of PJSC ALROSA, acted as moderator of the event.

DJI 0998

According to Aleksei Dyachkovsky, the key factor in increasing real incomes of the population and combating poverty are, first of all, industrial jobs.

“950 people were employed by ALROSA in 2018, this is a very big and serious indicator. In addition, the Company is implementing the Mentoring Program, which involves raising the skills of young people with the help of more experienced colleagues. The accumulated experience of ALROSA in attracting local labor resources can be applied to other industrial enterprises.”