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A large-scale technical re-equipment is planned at Aikhal Division of ALROSA

  • Published in Economy
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In 2019, a large-scale technology upgrade is planned at the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division of ALROSA.
The main goal of technical re-equipment is not only to replace worn-out equipment with more modern ones, but also to carry out a comprehensive modernization of production.

The amount of investments for the technical re-equipment of the Aikhal underground mine this year will amount to a record amount of 316.0 million rubles. For example, in 2018 about 70 million rubles were spent on the program, in 2017 - 195.8 million rubles.

One of the largest investments is a self-travelling roof-bolter (self-attaching roof bolt). The list of purchased equipment this year will also include three loading and hauling machines, two underground dump trucks, a machine for charging explosives and a self-propelled auxiliary machine.

The Sandvik DD 321 small-hole drilling rig and the Atlas Copco ST 1030 loading and hauling machine have already arrived at the underground mine site.

The implementation of the technical re-equipment program will allow us to restore the fleet of self-propelled vehicles and reduce the repair time, which will increase the efficiency of the Mining and Processing Division and will have a positive effect on the working conditions of employees.


The Aikhal deposit has been exploited since 1961. Development by the open method was completed in 1997 at a depth of 320 m. At the same time, the underground activity of the Aikhal mine began. The design capacity (500 thousand tons of ore per year) was reached in 2012. According to the data as of January 1, 2019, the balance reserves of the Aikhal pipe may be enough for 22.5 years of development.