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5 startups for ALROSA

  • Published in Economy
GenerationS ALROSA

ALROSA has summed up the selection of technology startups organized on the basis of the GenerationS corporate accelerator from the Russian Venture Company. 5 teams that have passed the competitive selection will be able to work out options for introducing their product within the corporation and attract funding.

Project teams from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Astrakhan selected for further cooperation:
  • Hydrochrome is an innovative technology for the enrichment of kimberlite rock;
  • Sapropel Center - development of alluvial diamond deposits using borehole hydraulic mining;
  • Unicum X-ray - X-ray diamond detection system;
  • Titan Power Solutions - supercapacitor systems of guaranteed engine start;
  • Warden Machinery - machine vision technology for the analysis of minerals;
Another 7 startups are recommended to participate in the tender procedures.

“The selection of projects was difficult, the experts studied more than 250 applications from teams that offered competitive products, ready to be introduced into ALROSA production lines. Projects that did not pass the selection, nevertheless, remain in the field of vision of GenerationS and ALROSA and will be considered in the case of finalizing their decisions and bringing projects to the next stage of development," noted the director of the GenerationS corporate accelerator Ekaterina Petrova.

“This year the competition was very fruitful - the number of interesting offers for the company increased, projects with high potential for introduction into production or at the stage of completed R & D and higher reached the final. In general, the percentage of projects that have been selected has increased. Moreover, for some projects that did not reach the final, additional work is now underway - it is quite possible that they will also receive their implementation in the perimeter of our Company,” said Dmitry Amelkin, Director of the ALROSA Center for Strategic Projects and Analytics.

The selection of technology startups in the diamond industry for the ALROSA company was launched in September 2018. In total, over 250 teams from 53 cities of Russia, Kazakhstan and Latvia submitted applications for participation during the project.