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Yakutia to increase exports of jewelry and agricultural products

  • Published in Economy
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The authorities of Yakutia are ready to increase the scope of non-resource non-energy exports through the supply of jewelry, forestry and agro-industrial products. This was announced in an interview with TASS at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum (KEF), by First Deputy Prime Minister of Yakutia Aleksei Struchkov.

The scope of exports of non-resource non-energy goods from Yakutia in 2018 amounted to about $ 241 million. The authorities of Yakutia had previously announced plans to increase the export of non-resource non-energy goods up to $ 1 billion by 2024 as part of achieving the indicators of the 'International Cooperation and Export' national project.

"We expect that by 2024 non-resource exports could reach 2 percent of the GRP," First Deputy Prime Minister said, noting that exports from Yakutia are focused on the APR countries.

The 'International Cooperation and Export' national project is focused on achieving a share of exports of the manufacturing industry, agricultural products and services in the country's GDP of up to 20 percent, and the growth in exports of non-resource non-energy goods by 2024 up to $ 250 billion, by 85 percent.

Until 2024, the project will require nearly 1 trillion rubles of state funding, and consists of five federal projects: Industrial Export; Export of Agricultural Products; International Trade Logistics; Export Services and Systemic Measures for Development of International Cooperation and Export. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the national project will allow attracting 1-12 trillion rubles of private investment in the economy.

The Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum was held March 28-30 in the updated format of the Russian Competitiveness Summit. The key topic of the forum was the role of competitiveness in ensuring the development of the Russian economy.