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Yakut Jewel received International Recognition

  • Published in Culture

In early July, Kazakhstan welcomed the "Jeweler Expo" International Exhibition, under which a contest of the best jewelry was organized. Yakut jewel ilin kebiһer at the cost of 88 thousand rubles, made by jewelers of Kierge firm, was found to be the best.

"More than 150 jewelry companies participated in the exhibition; they introduced items, jeweled with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones. The cost of these jewels reached 12 million rubles. Honored workers of the Russian jewelry industry estimated the showpieces. According to the jury, the Yakut jewel ilin kebiһer has a history and deep meaning, which gives it a particular value,"- said the art director of Kierge Stanislav Stepanov.

At the presentation, the director of Kierge jewelry firmGalina Pavlova said told of the story of ilin kebiһer, on its function. Ilin  kebiһer is a joy, a piece of happiness, lightsadness of Yakut woman, the whole history of the Yakut peopleis hidden in it.

According to the workers of Kierge firm, this victory belongs not only to an individual jewelry company. "First of all, this is a victory of Yakutia, it is the pride of the culture and history of the Sakha people, it is a victory of all Yakut jewelers", - they say.

The success at the prestigious exhibition became a gift for Kierge jewelry firm which turns 22 on July 22, reports YSIA.