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Yakutia: summing up 2015

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Yakutia. NVpress - In late December we traditionally sum up the results of the outgoing year.  For Yakutia 2015 turned out to be rather difficult. The following is a chronicle of the most memorable events which have caused a public outcry in 2015.

January (resonant)

- From January 1, officials of Yakutia are forbidden to fly business class and use VIP-halls for official delegations. Earlier for VIP-flights 35 million rubles on average were allocated from the budget of Yakutia.

- January 7 Ayaal Adamov- Zloi Mambet released a second music video, starring NEFU Rector Yevgenia Mikhailova, Mayor of Yakutsk Aisen Nikolayev and other prominent figures of the Republic.

- On January 16 four-year-old girl from Vilyuy region received a blue-eyed husky puppy as a New Year gift from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

February (scandalous)

- February 3 in Uglogorsk district of Donetsk region 28-year-old volunteer from Yakutsk Sergey Pronin, known in the circles of bikers as "Bizon," hit a mine and died.

- RF Education and Science Minister Dmitry Livanov was on a two-day working visit in Yakutia. The head of the Ministry of Education has promised to provide financial assistance to Yakutia in the elimination of waiting lists for preschool children.

- On February 16 in Moscow a son of the Chairman of the State Assembly of Sakha (Yakutia) Alexander Zhirkov was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and extortion.

- On February 19 officers of the Anti-Corruption Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Yakutia seized documents in the football club "Yakutia."

- Rospotrebnadzor notified that measles began to actively develop in Yakutsk. And all diseased were adults. There were infected more than 10 people. Nidus of infection - tourists and migrants.

- On 25 February Academy of Sciences of RS (Yakutia) received a unique artifact - the carcass of a baby woolly rhinoceros, which was discovered in Abyi region. The find was called Sasha.

March (anti-American)

- On March 4 Deputy US Ambassador to Russia Lynn Tracy visited Yakutsk. Her speech in the House of Peoples' Friendship was nearly derailed by community organizer Sergey Zorin.  Also on this day a single picket was held in front of the Government House against the dual policy of the United States.

- On March 5 Pavel Astakhov, Commissioner for Children's Rights of the RF, visited Yakutsk for the third time.

- Head of Yakutia Egor Borisov has cut his salary by 10%.

- On March 14 an animal shelter was opened, the first in the history of Yakutsk.

-  On March 18 in Lenin Square of Yakutsk there was a meeting devoted to the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea to Russia. About 500 people gathered on the main square of the Republic.

-  On March 26 squally wind, 30 meters per second, demolished roofs, windows and cinder blocks, billboards and banners, road signs and traffic lights. Wind knocked down trees, buildings and cars. Power lines were broken due to the strong wind gusts.

- In Tomsk Perinatal Center Naryya Platonova gave birth to quadruplets: son and three daughters.

April (profitable)

- RF Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev was on a working visit to Yakutia. Chief police officer visited Kobyay region and met with Head of the Republic Egor Borisov.

- Celebrated beauty Sardana Syromyatnikova married the son of the General Director of JSC "Sakhatransneftegaz" Ivan Makarov - Konstantin.  Head of the Republic Egor Borisov and Mayor of Yakutsk Aisen Nikolayev were among the invited persons at the wedding.

- The writers of the two Unions of Writers of the Republic signed an agreement on creation of "Writers' Association of Yakutia" on the basis of the two unions.

- The deputies of the State Assembly reported on their income for the last year. The highest income - 191 million rubles - belongs to Viktor Fedorov, the lowest - 206 000 - Yuri Grigoryev.

May (record high)

- On May 2 the Sakha Theater hosted a recital of famous poet Evgeny Evtushenko. The theatre, alas, could not accommodate all the fans of Evtushenko, so many who came to the meeting with their idol had to go back home.

- In Qatar at the Asian Championship heavyweight Yakut Ayaal Lazarev in freestyle wrestling won the gold medal, having won all the fights.

- On May 9 climbers from Yakutia Igor Ledov and Vitaly Struk hoisted Victory Banner and the flag of Yakutia on the top of Kala Patthar in Nepal.  Recall that for a while the Yakut extremals were considered missing after the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

- May 17 Marat Nikolayev became a member of the Moscow semi-marathon.  He became the first marathoner of Yakutia among wheelchair users.

June (sacral)

- June 1 the Egorovs have received one of the most prestigious awards in our country "Parent Glory" from the President of the country. The ceremony took place in Alexander Hall of the Kremlin.

- The village of Churapcha hosted the national festival - Ysyakh of Olonkho. The Yakut national holiday cost over 200 million rubles of the regional budget. 2 600 people took part in the opening ceremony.

- 26 June Valentina Matviyenko, RF Federation Council Speaker, arrived in Yakutsk to celebrate the Ysyakh of Tuymaada national festival.

July (provocative)

- July 4 two girls walked in the center of Yakutsk in the image of suicide bombers. Photographs of girls in black, posing near the Government House, hit the web and caused a mixed reaction.  It turned out that the girls were participants of the popular game "Night Watch" in Yakutsk, and photographing in a burqa and hoax belts appeared to be one of the game stages.

- 10 July Yuri Trutnev, Russian presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District, was on a brief visit in Yakutsk. In the capital he visited Technopark "Yakutia," where he got acquainted with the implemented projects and ideas of residents of Technopark.

- 18 July in England there was a wedding, which alarmed all Yakutia. Someone started a rumor that a fiancé of a Yakut girl was hereditary lord. But as it turned out, Ekaterina Antonova from Khangalass region has got married an ordinary Briton Edward Vallance.

August (Hollywood)

- August 6 world-famous Hollywood actor Steven Seagal arrived in Yakutia on the invitation of the ALROSA Company. There he visited the excavating plant and the mine "MIR," met with the leadership of the diamond mining company, saw the sights of the city.

- August 15 young athlete Vasily Egorov from Yakutia won the long-awaited gold medal of the European championship in boxing.  The boxer was awarded three million rubles in the native republic.

-  August 21 Head of Yakutia Egor Borisov met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

September (forum)

- September 4 at the Eastern Economic Forum Yakutia presented 19 investment projects in such areas as mineral resources, modern production, urban environment, transport infrastructure, logistics, industrial parks, agriculture and food industry and energy (total value - 260 billion rubles), including the design of a bridge over the Lena River.

- In Wrestling World Championship in the United States three Yakut athletes took part under different flags: Viktor Lebedev, Nikolay Noev and Ayaaal Lazarev. Viktor Lebedev has won a World Championship medal, securing a berth at the Olympics for Russia.

October (ruinous)

- October 1 a couple from Yakutsk filed the very first application in the country to recognize their bankrupt.  The family turned out to have 17 credits in three banks, and the total amount of their debt amounted to more than 2 million rubles.

- October 12 in Tatta region criminals unsuccessfully tried to rob the rural post office. They failed to open the safe, but stole an ambulance car.  The car stuck in the mud, where these would-be robbers were caught.

- October 31 in Olenek a private plane crashed while calculating reindeer pastures. As a result of the crash, a pilot died, a passenger suffered multiple injuries.

November (explosive)

- November 1 in all regions of the country launched Russian Geographical dictation. In Yakutia, more than 5000 people wrote the dictation. Yakutia became the absolute leader in the country by the number of participants.

- November 11 in an apartment of dwelling house in Pyotr Alekseev Street of Yakutsk the explosion has thundered. The explosion was so strong that the balcony and the kitchen window and insulating glass shards and even a TV-set flew to the neighboring house, located at 15-20 meters.  The cause of the explosion - cooking gas.

- November 26, the Head of Yakutia addressed to National Assembly Il Tumen with the message. At the beginning of the 50-minute appeal, talking about preparing for the adoption of the republican budget for the next year, he offered to tighten the belts by cutting spending.

- November 28, two kilometers from the city of Mirny the diamond landslide occurred. In the area of unexploited processing factory mass of mud poured into the roadway.

December (Prenew Year)

- December 1 at the same time the lights came on all New Year's fur-trees of Yakutia. Festive start traditionally was made by Father Frost from Great Ustyug within the festival "Winter Starts in Yakutia."

- December 4 the most beautiful girl of Yakutia has been chosen. "Miss Sakha (Yakutia) - 2015" is a 18-year-old Evenk Alexandra Pavlova from Olenek.  This year, she will present Yakutia at the "Miss Russia" beauty contest.

- December 8, 23-year old Alyona Romana won one million rubles on the TV show.

-2016 declared the Year of improvement of human settlements in the Republic, and in Yakutsk – the Year of labor.