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"Gazprom" to fulfill all obligations

Power of S
"Gazprom" will fulfill all obligations related to the start of full-scale gas supplies to China on time. This is stated in the message of the gas holding  company following the results of the meeting on the implementation of investment projects related to the supply of gas to China through the eastern route.
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Oil production in Yakutia grows by 15.4%


In the year 2014, the oil production in Yakutia amounted to 8.71 million tons, which is 15.4% more against the year 2013 figures, said the Press Service of the republic’s government.
The two major oil producing companies, Surgutneftegaz and Taas-Yurekh Neftegazodobycha, supply the oil produced to the East Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline. Last year, Taas-Yurekh Neftegazodobycha extracted the first million of tons of oil at the central section of Srednebotuobinskoe field.
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Six airports to be built in Yakutia in 2015


N 2015, Yakutia is planning to renovate and build six airport facilities for the total amount of 8.7 billion rubles, said Semyon Vinokurov, Minister of Transport of the republic.
He added that the designing is being done for 14 airports; after the projects pass the state expertise, they are going to start construction of six of them.
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Yakutia to boost housing construction in 2015


"At the end of 2014, construction companies in Yakutia commissioned more than 450 thousand square meters of housing, of which 250 thousand square meters - in Yakutsk. This year we will keep these volumes and increase them to 500 thousand square meters in the republic," - said vice Prime Minister of the republic Igor Nikiforov.

To retain the volume in 2016-2017, the regional Ministry of Construction will monitor the market to make sure that developers complete construction in due time.
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Komatsu CIS in Yakutia

Komatsu1  Komatsu2  Komatsu3
January 23, 2015 a meeting of Minister of Federal Relations and External Affairs of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Vladimir Vasiliev with CEO of "Komatsu CIS LLC" Hideyuki Takatsuki took place in Yakutsk.
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Fake "Yakut" jewelry hit the stores

Fake Yakut jewelery
“Yakutia” as a brand, elevated to higher national and international standards, is at risk to leave the republic.
This issue was discussed at a meeting of Minister of Industry of the Sakha (Yakutia) Andrey Panov with representatives of republican jewelry and lapidary production on January 22.
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Cost of diamond mining in Yakutia to go 15 percent up


The cost of diamond mining in Yakutia this year is expected to increase by 15 percent. Geologists are studying a new kimberlite field (kimberlite - diamondiferous rocks) near Yakutsk, in Ust-Aldan region of the republic, with promising anomalies.
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