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All measures taken to ensure safety of search and rescue operations

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One of the main tasks today is to ensure the miners and rescuers’ safety through a controlled drain of the water accumulated in the open pit mine into the underground mine. As of 7.00 am local time, the water level went up to – 298.8 meters. Additional pumps will be put into operation when the mark of – 222 meters is reached.
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Yuri Trutnev visits the Mir mine in Yakutia

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Vice Prime Minister - Presidential Envoy to the Far East Yuri Trutnev arrived in the city of Mirny on Monday morning, August 14. The head of Yakutia Egor Borisov accompanies him on a trip.
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Alexey Mariin: “They do everything they can to rescue the miners” (video)


Alexey Mariin, the brother of the miner trapped underground, who expressed his distrust to the rescue operation and accused the organizers of hiding information, spend 2.5 hours underground today. He went down the mine at 8.30 am, together with a morning shift team consisting of 22 mine rescuers and volunteer miners. A representative of ALROSA’s Industrial Safety Department accompanied the group. Together with the rescuers, Alexey Mariin inspected the workings of the ventilation and backfill gallery.
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Extreme Ethnography: Imprisoned in Africa and lost in Mongolia

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August 9 is the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. These small ethnic groups are carriers of 5 thousand diverse cultures. Their representatives live in more than 90 countries. The study of the life of indigenous peoples has become a work for Alexander Khimushin, an Australian photographer who was born in Yakutia.
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Search and rescue operations at the Mir mine (video)

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The search and rescue operations at the Mir mine continue. About 160 people from ALROSA participate in them. In total, 330 people are involved in the operation, including divers from the Ministry of Emergencies, as well as ALROSA industrial alpinists, specially summoned to Mirny from Aikhal.
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