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inDriver in Africa!

inDriver in Africa
enters the African market and becomes the first Russian passenger service that operates in the continent after the successful completion of the test period

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CHEER Festival delights Mirny for the third time

Mirny is the diamond capital of Russia. And it is not all about precious stones and metals, but also about people: unique and talented, living in this northern region. It is for them that ALROSA has been holding the CHEER Festival for the third time this year.

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Irelyakh placer deposit: it is necessary not only to fix it, but also to prevent recurrences

Irelyakh river
On November 12, the Public Center of Yakutsk hosted a joint meeting of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Regional Branch of All-Russia People's Front and the Public Ecological Council under the Ministry of Environment of RS (Y) with representatives of ALROSA, which discussed measures taken by the Company to ensure environmental and technological safety.

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Citizens of Yakutia make proposals to health preservation in the Far East

med startap nov 0 696x398

The shortage of personnel, worn-out equipment and the lack of improvement are the main health service problems of the republic and the Far East, according to the participants of the first round table in the framework of the project 'My Ideas for the Far East'. Heads of medical institutions of Yakutia offered their ideas on preserving the health of the population of the Far East.
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Mammoth, Yakut horse, Bison, Khomus, Choron in the Moscow Metro

The second Far East Express has taken to the Moscow Metro's Ring Line from the Krasnaya Presnya depot. The ceremonial launch of the branded railroad train was given by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation - Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev.

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Yakutsk and Mitsui Company are interested in Smart City Project

Last week, the head of Yakutsk, Sardana Avksentieva, met with a delegation of the Japanese Mitsui & Co., Ltd. on the implementation of the Smart City project in the capital of Yakutia. Following the meeting, a working group on the feasibility study was created with the participation of deputy heads and heads of departments in the District Administration of Yakutsk.

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SELFGUARDING PUBLIC HEALTH: ALROSA conducts free comprehensive physical examinations

ALROSA pays great attention not only to social projects in industrial areas, but also to workers' health. Free medical examinations are regularly carried out for employees of the ALROSA Company in the cities of Mirny, Udachny, Lensk and
Aikhal under three programs: Women's Health, Cardioscreening and Prevention and Early Diagnosis of Digestive Diseases.
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ALROSA to solve a water supply problem in the Vilyui District Group

KVA 7990
A separate phased program to ensure quality water supply of the Vilyui group of districts is planned to be developed this year. This was noted at the first meeting of the working group on the formation of proposals for the reconstruction and construction of water supply facilities for the Vilyui District Group.

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