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Sergei Ivanov will vote in Mirny


For the first time in many years the ALROSA General Director will cast his ballot in the presidential elections in Mirny at the polling station located in the Almaz Recreation Center.

ALROSA is building Children's Rehabilitation Center

Frony view of Kharyskhal

Walking along the Komsomolskaya Street of the diamond capital, passers-by involuntarily slowing down the pace look to a newly-erected building near the Orthodox gymnasium. It is the building of the Children's Rehabilitation Center Kharyskhal, which means Amulet in Yakut. The center is visited by children from disadvantaged families of the city. The old building of the Children's Rehabilitation Center leads a wretched existence.

Irelyakh Mine cleans ice before the 2018 season

Irelyakh ice removing

The Irelyakh Mine of the Mirny Mining and Processing Plant consists of the floating plants No.№201, 202 (56 years of operation), and the more modified No. 203 (15 years of operation). It is difficult to start the diamong recovery season in the early spring. The drift of floating plants usually begins in late April. Here we need not only the early availability of the dredges after the winter repair. It is necessary to have the pit sufficiently ready.

ALROSA builds Orthodox churches and gymnasiums in Western Yakutia


It is easier for believers to work in difficult production conditions. A person is more calm and confident in the conditions of a psychologically uncomfortable environment of mining production and extreme, unpredictable conditions of the North. This conclusion was reached even by the most ardent atheists in the past. By the way, ALROSA lavishly bankrolls to strengthen the Orthodox faith in Western Yakutia.

China Mobile goes to Russia

In December 2017, Russia registered a subsidiary of China Mobile's multi-service telecommunications operator, China Mobile International (Russia)

Upper Muna. The issue is the speciality

Muna Svarshik

The State Committee for Employment of Population conducts systematic work to attract local people to industry. ALROSA Company provides 598 workplaces for work at the Upper Muna (Verkhne-Munskoe; Verkhnemunsky) deposit of the Udachny Ore Mining and Processing Plant. As the State Committee on Employment announced, the Muna field may provide for additional 200 vacancies in 2019.

Yakutniproalmaz supports young people

Yakutniproalmaz molodierabotniki

Since the times of the USSR, the Yakutniproalmaz Institute is known for its amicable, monolithic team. There are 590 people working here. There are no such research institutes in Yakutia.

Leading experts to discuss ways to resume production at the Mir mine


April 25-26 in Moscow ALROSA initiates the All-Russian Conference "Experience and practical steps to restore the mining enterprise after the accident." The Company will bring together leading scientists, experts and mining engineers to discuss ways to resume production on the Mir mine, where an accident occurred in the underground mine last August.