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ALROSA started its first special corporate program "ALROSA Potential"

The innovation is aimed to finding high-potential young specialists. The program implies the development of corporate competencies, scientific, technical and innovative activities of the young employees of ALROSA. It was prepared by the ALROSA Office of Labor Organization and the Department of Human Resources, the Personnel Training Center and the "Tehnologii i reshenia" (Technologies and Solutions) company.

First step to start career with ALROSA!

ALROSA helps college students and graduates take the first steps in their professional careers. For this purpose, the Company cooperates with 43 higher and secondary professional educational institutions of the country, and also accepts students for apprenticeship with the possibility of further employment, which is very attractive for young people.

ALROSA Board elected Chairman and committees’ members

NabSovetALROSA Nurba
First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation − Finance Minister of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov elected as Chairman of ALROSA Supervisory Board. Supervisory Board members adopted a relevant decision at absentee voting on July 10. The Board also elected members of special-purpose committees, including the Audit committee, composed of independent directors only.

ALROSA is widening its assets insurance coverage

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Moscow, 12 July 2018 — ALROSA made an insurance
 contract with SOGAZ Group for one year as the result of an open tender. The insurance amount of ALROSA and its 8 subsidiary companies totaled RUB 674.8 billion. That said the insurance coverage is significantly bigger than in previous years.

ALROSA to name diamonds “Lev Yashin” and “Brilliant moment!” based on fans’ suggestions

Lev Yashin 353x400
Moscow, July 11, 2018 – ALROSA, the world’s largest diamond mining company, announces the results of a competition to choose a “football-related” name for a large roughdiamond. The company has chosen two winners, from Chelyabinsk and Mirny; they will receive the tickets to the final game of the FIFA World Cup 2018™. Based on their suggestions, the facts of extraction of two precious stones will be named “Lev Yashin” and “Brilliant moment!”

Blasting agent explosion at Udachny Diamond Mine

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A message informing about the basting agent explosion that happened at reference level of -580 while priming the hole bottom during the drivage was received on control panel of the Udachny Diamond Mine at 05:26 a.m. on July 11.

Two sections of mine rescue brigade were working on-site according to emergency containment plan that was put into effect. At the moment of the explosion there were 174 employees in the mine. All the employees except for the security post workers were removed from the mine.

The explosion killed an employee of Ayhalo-Udachninsk special-purpose mine construction department “UKS”.

Udachny Diamond Mine started working as per normal at 08:09 local time. Gas conditions are normal. A commission to investigate what happened is working.

“Yakutsk turned into a city of intelligence,” said Lilia Gumerova

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The first deputy chairman of the Committee for Science, Education and Culture, a representative of the executive body of state authority of the Republic of Bashkortostan Lilia Gumerova took part in the opening of the International Intellectual Games 2018 that are being held in Yakutsk from July 8 to July 15.