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Young experts of ALROSA from Mirny, Lensk, Aikhal and Udachny shape their future in Sochi

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At 19th World Festival of Youth and Students (WFYS), which takes place in Sochi, ALROSA is represented by 17 young professionals. Together with other participants of the Festival and the scientific and educational program of the Industry of the Future direction, young specialists of ALROSA are working to shape the image of the future of mankind and organizations.
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In Yakutsk are tested ground effect vehicle "Burevestnik-24"

The tests of the first two ground effect vehicle "Burevestnik-24" will be completed in 2018 in Yakutia and Moscow region with the necessary funding, said in an interview with the news general director and chief designer of the company "Sky and Sea" (developer of the ground effect vehicle) Vladimir Bukovsky.
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