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Traditional Natural Management in the Arctic

  • Published in InFocus
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Topical issues of traditional nature use within the framework of the economic development of the Arctic were discussed at a round table with the participation of subsoil users in the village of Saskylakh, the Anabar district, on April 14.

Round tables within the "EcoArctic-2017" Forum were organized in Yakutia and the Krasnoyarsk Krai. The events were held with the support of regional governments, municipal administrations of the Taimyr and Anabar districts.

The meeting discussed the issues related to safe development of the Arctic and the harm that industrial enterprises operating here can inflict on the territories of traditional nature use.

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Currently, Rosneft conducts works on the continental shelf of the seas of the Eastern Arctic for geological exploration, prospection and development of hydrocarbon fields.

Representatives of Rosneft shared positive experience in the field of industrial safety and environmental protection, and also talked about measures to conserve biological diversity and ecosystems. They drew the attention of those present that today the research uses the most modern and safe technologies that do not have any tangible impact on the coastal territories of Yakutia.

According to Pyotr Artamonov, head of the Main Basin Directorate for Fisheries and Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources of Yakutia, due to the fact that the fattening of whitefish and anadromous species takes place  along the coast of the Arctic seas, the industrial development of the shelf can have a negative impact on aquatic biological resources. This will lead to a decrease in breeding stock of commercial fish species.

Artamonov said that the Directorate offers the Anabar ulus to consider the creation of mini-incubation plants in remote areas of the republic to prepare caviar  in spring and summer time.

"Such a project should also interest industrial fishermen, as their main catch is produced during spawning migrations of autumn-winter fish species,  which causes double damage for the fish population and leads to a reduction in the number of aquatic biological resources," - stressed the Chief of Glavrybvod of Yakutia.

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The roundtable was attended by residents of Anabar district, state and municipal authorities, scientific circles and public organizations. The title sponsor was OOO RN-Shelf Arktika (a subsidiary of PJSC NK Rosneft).

Rosneft is carrying out large-scale work jointly with the Russian scientific community to study the ecology of the Russian Arctic. The "EcoArctic-2017" Forum is a platform for an open discussion of topical issues, the safe development of the Arctic and the reduction of negative impact of economic and production activities on the environment, and the preservation of the way of life of the indigenous peoples of the North.