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ALROSA - 6 billion rubles for environmental protection

  • Published in InFocus
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In 2017 ALROSA will allocate nearly 6 billion rubles for environmental protection and environmental monitoring. The information was sounded at a meeting held in the State Assembly (IL Tumen) and dedicated to the situation in the Markha River basin.

"The Company fulfilled its plans one hundred percent," said Polina Anisimova representing ALROSA.

She clarified that last year the Company has sent 2.65 billion rubles to the environmental protection program and in total after the year-round closing - 5.38 billion rubles.

These funds were used for the construction and reconstruction of facilities, monitoring, environmental remediation and staff training.

"In 2017, it is provided for almost 6 billion rubles for similar events," Anisimova informed.

Minister of Natural Resources of the Republic Sakhamin Afanasiev noted that the issue of drinking water purification in the river remains extremely urgent, for the ecological research shows an increased mineralization of sources.

In 2016, ALROSA conducted extensive research involving scientific institutions, including NEFU, and independent experts. Industrial impact on the environment as a result of violations is not revealed; sources of high salinity are not established.