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Yakutia and Federal Air Transport Agency sign protocol on air transport development

  • Published in InFocus

On July 26, Moscow, Egor Borisov met with the head of the Federal Air Transport Agency, Aleksandr Neradko, dedicated to the development of the republic's air transport complex.

Opening the meeting, the head of Yakutia noted that the transport accessibility of the region still leaves much to be desired. Despite the fact that the republic shares borders with eight subjects of the Russian Federation, only one road leads from the western part of the country to its territory - from the Amur region, and further to the east there is only one - the Kolyma route. That is why the republic's authorities always pay special attention to the development of regional aviation. However, there are still many unresolved problems in this sphere.

In response, the head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Aleksandr Neradko expressed the opinion that the currently available budgetary constraints, of course, do not contribute to the development of the aviation infrastructure, but his agency is ready to support the republic's proposals.

As an additional issue, a new topic for the republic was raised - the development of private small aviation for the passenger transportation. Egor Borisov asked whether it was possible to mitigate aviation regulations for private aviation. As Aleksandr Neradko has said, any commercial transportation - whether passenger or cargo flights - falls under strict requirements, and the Russian Federation does not hurry to mitigate them, the same situation abroad. He cited the example of the United States, where private small aircraft is very developed, but exclusively "for personal use." If the pilot starts to transport passengers, he immediately applies rules that are relevant to commercial pilots.

At the end of the conversation, the head of the republic invited the head of the federal department to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Alsib air route. Aleksandr Neradko said that he would be happy to visit Yakutia again.

The meeting was also attended by Deputy Chairman of the Government of the RS (Yakutia) Aleksei Kolodeznikov, Minister of Transport and Roads of the RS (Yakutia) Semyon Vinokurov, First Deputy Mayor of Yakutsk Sergey Ignatenko, and Director of the Yakutsk Airport Nikolay Mestnikov.