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Search and rescue operations at the Mir mine (video)

  • Published in InFocus
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The search and rescue operations at the Mir mine continue. About 160 people from ALROSA participate in them. In total, 330 people are involved in the operation, including divers from the Ministry of Emergencies, as well as ALROSA industrial alpinists, specially summoned to Mirny from Aikhal.

To maximize the efficiency of the work, the Company collected the best professional engineers from different production sites. They actively help in developing rescue plans and offer solutions that can facilitate and speed up searches in a changing environment.

On August 9, ALROSA sent a helicopter, which attempted to drop cargo, so that the hydrostatic shock could provoke the descent of water accumulated at the bottom of the quarry and allow the safe operation of the search groups underground under the upper levels. If necessary, this operation will be repeated.

Due to the deterioration of the hydrological situation, several powerful pumps were installed in record time for pumping water out of the mine. Usually they take about a month to install. But in this situation all technical possibilities are mobilized. More than 50 people from 4 enterprises installed pumps in just 72 hours.

Since the beginning of the rescue operation, all necessary forces and means have been sent to carry out the rescue operation. Information about the suspension of search or the lack of equipment is untrue.

In addition, the Company has organized a flight to Mirny for relatives of workers who remain underground. Meetings with them are held daily, sometimes several times a day. In the operational headquarters they are provided with full information about the course of search and rescue operations.

Given the plight of relatives of workers who remain underground, ALROSA will pay them compensation of 2 million rubles regardless of the outcome of the search operation.

Helicopter – Video

/>Work of mine surveyors – Video