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Integrated website for the Far East

  • Published in InFocus
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For the first time all news, reference and service information about the regions of the Far East is combined on one web resource.  As the department of information policy said, the site consists of several thematic units: News, Services, Far Eastern hectare and others, the press service of the Krai Administration told  IA PrimaMedia.

"All the information posted here is from official and reliable sources. The site is primarily aimed at people who want to know more about the Far East," the Administration noted.

It is assumed that the resource will accumulate information on all areas of demand. So, for example, analytical reports and legislative acts will be placed here for entrepreneurs and investors, essays and photographs  - for tourists, news and tips - for compatriots, educational programs of universities, job adverts, and guidance for all occasions - from starting a business to obtaining a Far East hectare.