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95% of Yakutia is covered by digital TV and radio broadcasting

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In 2009, the regions of Russia began to implement the federal target program for the development of television and radio broadcasting. Despite the changes in the country and the reduction of funding, all planned facilities have been built, in Yakutia there are 211 digital terrestrial television stations.

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On December 20 in the capital of the region a symbolic push of a button announced the completion of the program, Il Darkhan Egor Borisov and Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Aleksei Volin took part in a landmark event.

Currently, virtually all residents of the largest region of the country can enjoy a free package of digital television channels. This means that 390 settlements in Yakutia (95% of the population) will be able to watch the daily news.

According to Roman Kravtsov, president of ZAO Transtelecom, in Yakutia, the territorial and climatic features of the region had to be taken into account: "All the facilities were unique in their own way. The main challenge was transport logistics. We also had to work at temperatures below minus 50 degrees: the equipment failed, but people continued to perform their duties even under such weather conditions."

Despite the difficulties, the program in Russia and the republic is actually executed, it all went smoothly.

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"Yakutia is completing the main project on the development of TV and radio broadcasting in the country. In the federal target program, the goal is to reach 98.5% of the population with digital television. Now this figure is 98.4%. In 2018, it will change literally by a fraction of a percent,” stressed Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media Aleksei Volin.

According to him, the federal program for the development of TV and radio broadcasting in Russia for 2009-2018 is the only program that has not undergone the slightest correction. Despite the reduction in its funding, all planned facilities were built. In Yakutia, there are 211 digital broadcasting stations in populated areas.

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