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Fifty-Degree Frosts Are Coming to Yakutia

  • Published in InFocus
New Year's holidays have pleased residents of Yakutsk with warm winter weather. But waiting ahead is bitter cold. This Friday, according to weather forecasts, stem of thermometer in the central regions will fall below 50 degrees mark.

"The anti-cyclone is passing now through the western areas to the east of the republic, and in this regard on the most part of the territory of Yakutia there will be a cold snap. Frosts will take days off for January 13-14. Next week cold weather will weaken, temperature will be about-40 degrees "— Alexander Arzhakov who is responsible in the sphere of production of hydrometeorological observations and forecasts of the Yakut UGMS predicts.

In central regions on January 12-13 the stem of thermometer will fall to-51 at night, during the day there will be about-43 and-48 degrees. Over the river, Oymyakonsky and Verkhoyansky districts’ air temperature will be-52-57 at night and -49-54 during the day. On Kolyma it will get cold as well, temperature will be-41-46 at night and -35-40 in the afternoon. There will be strong fog which will remain on this and next week, and weak snow on some days.

In the south of the republic it will become cold too, but it will considerably be warmer than in central regions. Daytime temperature will be-30-35 degrees, at night-40-45. Also the light snow is expected.