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All Yakutia Mourns for Victims of Fire in Kemerovo

  • Published in InFocus

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree declaring national mourning on Wednesday, March 28. In the regions of Yakutia, mourning actions were held for the victims of the fire in Kemerovo.

Mourning events were held in the centers of the republic. In Aldan, the town dwellers laid flowers, candles and stuffed toys. During a minute of silence, 64 white balloons - symbols of memory and sorrow – flew up to the sky.


In Neryungri, hundreds of adults, children, elderly gathered at noon at the monument to the patroness of miners St. Barbara to share the bitterness of loss with the Kemerovo residents and bow their heads in memory of those who could not get out of the fiery hell.

In Lensk district, national flags are lowered, recreational activities and sports competitions are canceled. Near the temple of St. Innocent of Moscow last night, an official mourning meeting for the victims of the fire took place.


In Tiksi at 18.00 the "Candle of Memory" action was held. The residents of the Bulunsky ulus released white balloons in the sky in memory of the dead children in Kemerovo.


In Srednekolymsk, March 28 was declared a day of mourning. The airport workers wrote in large letters Kemerovo, Kolyma with you. Last night in the regional center was a minute of silence, and then the launch of white air-balloons.


In the town of Khandyga, Tomponsky district, the mourning rally took place in the church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, a requiem for the newly departed deceased was held. At the end of the service, the Candle of Sorrow was held on the territory of the church.

Oymyakon also did not remain indifferent: residents of the village of Ust-Nera laid flowers and children's toys in memory of the victims of the tragedy.


A funeral meeting was held in the center of Verkhnekolymsky district. After the announced minute of silence, the residents of Verkhnekolymsk laid flowers in memory of the victims of this tragedy, lit candles. The children cried, the adults struggled to hold back tears. There was no man indifferent to the tragedy that had occurred.


The inhabitants of Allaikha honored the memory of the victims with a minute of silence. The participants of the funeral event laid flowers and lighted candles.


In the city of Mirny near the Holy Trinity Church a funeral action was held. People laid flowers, put candles, left children's toys on the steps. Many came with children. Father Vladimir said before the beginning of the prayer that everyone came here to share that immense grief that is in the hearts of the parents and relatives of the deceased. Better than the words of prayer, it is impossible to express grief, he remarked.


Schoolchildren, teachers, representatives of enterprises gathered in the town of Chersky near the Youth Center. In memory of those killed in the terrible tragedy in the city of Kemerovo they laid flowers and white air-balloons were launched into the sky.


In Olekminsk, the residents also launched white air-balloons. Those who came to the mourning rally put candles, laid flowers.