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Reconstruction of the runway at Yakutsk airport

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During the reconstruction of the runway all flights will be performed on a regular basis

Today, on May 14, the Yakutsk airport kicked off large-scale repair works - a three-year reconstruction of the runway. They will be held in three stages until 2020. However, passengers do not have to worry, the course of repair work is planned in such a way as to minimize any inconvenience.

"The project is designed so that the work will be carried out without stopping the flights of aircraft. This year, passengers will not even notice the repair process,” emphasizes Nikolai Mestnikov, CEO of the Yakutsk Airport. "This year part of the strip will be closed, but all aircraft will continue to fly."


The total length of the runway-2 is 3398.53 m. For uninterrupted operation of the airport, repair works will be carried out on the 970-meter area. Also, observing the requirements for the safety of aircraft flights, there is a so-called free zone - a 180-meter stretch. To carry out the transportation of passengers, cargo, mail by air, there remains a section with a length of 2248.53 m. This will allow aircraft to fly without restrictions and schedule changes.


Reconstruction of the Artificial Takeoff-Landing Strip-2 of Yakutsk Airport is envisaged in order to develop the national basic airport network of the Russian Federation and is carried out within the State Program of the Russian Federation "Development of the Transport System of Russia (2010-2020)."


"There is a lot of work to be done, but absolutely all the services of the Yakutsk airport are ready for the forthcoming reconstruction, so that our passengers feel comfortable and the flights remain safe and regular," emphasizes Nikolai Mestnikov.
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