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Mammoth bone with engraved ancient Turkic runes found in Yakutia

  • Published in InFocus
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In late June, a mammoth bone with engraved runic inscriptions was found in the village of Edey in Namsky ulus of Yakutia. Scientists suggest that the find can be of historical significance. The Museum of Literary Texts of the North-Eastern Federal University started its research.

According to the press service of the NEFU, the find is an artifact with ancient Türkic runic characters of the classical alphabet of the Orkhon-Yenisei type, consisting of four words engraved on the bones of a mammoth.

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Ninel Malysheva and museum director of the Edey School Aleksey Yakovlev

In Yakutia, runic and runeclose inscriptions are mostly found in the form of rock painting, explains Ninel Malysheva, deputy head of the Research Department of the NEFU. "Runes rarely occur on such things as talismans and amulets. If it is confirmed that the bone found in Namsky district is really genuine, it will be a great scientific discovery for the republic. A comprehensive study is needed, paleontologists, archaeologists and Turkologists should be involved," notes Ninel Malysheva.

Experts of the NEFU Mammoth Museum confirmed that the find is really made from mammoth bone. As suggested by the leading methodologist of the NEFU Archeology and Ethnography Museum Nikolai Kiryanov, the subject is of great scientific interest and requires further careful study.

A unique thing was discovered by 5th grader Pavel Yakovlev in the area not far from the village.

The NEFU Literary Texts Museum is now working on the definition of dating and the decoding of the inscription.