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NEFU Rector and Associate Professor of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies discuss pension systems of South Korea and Russia

  • Published in InFocus
Acting rector of the North-Eastern Federal University Evgenia Mikhailova together with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) held a meeting with the Korean delegation from the University of Hankuk

The parties discussed the pension systems of both countries and the problem of young people recruitment.

Associate Professor of the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Mr. Bong Chul Kim, said that the Korean pension system is not much different from European systems and provides for the issuance of monetary compensation for labor services to the elderly who have reached the age of 65.

According to the Associate Professor, the state provides a pension to 65-year-old citizens who have invested in the pension fund for 10 years."The average pension in the country is $ 180 per month. It is designed to improve the well-being of the elderly by providing a monthly pension benefit to the needy elderly," says Kim Bong Chul.

Acting rector of the NEFU Evgenia Mikhailova during the conversation compared the pension systems of the two states with each other. As the rector notes, the Russian pension system has not changed as often as the Korean pension system since the times of the Soviet Union. In Russia, the state guarantees the payment of pensions to persons who have reached 55-60 years of age, but the amount is not lower than the subsistence rate.

"Now the process of raising the retirement age is going on around the world. I remember that at the moment, the system of issuing pensions from the age of 55 still remains unchanged in the countries of the former USSR, although, as we see, the trend has also touched us," notes Evgenia Mikhailova.

Also, the parties discussed the employment of the younger generation of Russian citizens. Most pensioners are in no hurry to leave the workplace and simultaneously receive both a pension and a salary. Due to this, young and promising specialists have problems with jobs.

Recall that on August 1 and 2, the meetings of the rector of the NEFU Evgenia Mikhailova with the Indian and Korean delegations took place, respectively. During the first meeting, issues of cooperation between the NEFU and the Republic of India were discussed.