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Yakutia will invest in education

  • Published in InFocus
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New approaches to education will allow Yakutia to become the leader of changes in the country. This was stated by the interim head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, during the August meeting of educators taking place in Yakutsk. The topic of the meeting is new approaches to education in the republic.

According to the head of the region, the changes taking place in the modern world pose new challenges in all spheres of life. Given that in recent years, economic success is increasingly determined by the development of intellectual, creative industries, education is becoming one of the key segments on which further economic development of the republic and the country directly depends.

"Today, education should be seen as one of the key investment segments that determine the growth of the economy, and therefore, the quality of people's lives, and positive changes in education - as the main condition for the development of human capital," Aisen Nikolaev is convinced.

In the conditions of the formation of a new economy based not only on raw materials industries, but also on knowledge and intellectual labor, it is energy, knowledge and competence, human energy that will be the main driving force. Therefore, forming a new model of education in Yakutia, emphasis will be placed on its modern equipment and integration into the digital environment. The latter will allow to overcome the geographical disparity and open access to cutting-edge knowledge to everyone, regardless of where they live. This will give an opportunity to young people of Yakutia to master new professions and competencies, become sought-after and competitive specialists who will advance the development of the republic.

According to Aisen Nikolaev, in order to achieve these changes and become leaders, it is necessary to change the existing approaches to education.

"We understand that to be leaders of change, it is necessary to invest seriously in changing the education system at all levels: from preschool to higher education. In this case, you need to change not only the material and technical part, but also the content part as well. In particular, we must seriously work to change the training system of our teachers," he said.

These most important tasks will be reflected in the decree on the development of the republic's education system, which is planned to be signed at the end of September. According to Aisen Nikolaev, it will be the starting point for building the further model of education in Yakutia.