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ALROSA will install water treatment facilities in 16 areas of Suntar ulus

  • Published in InFocus
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ALROSA is finishing the initial data collection necessary for ordering and installing sewage treatment plants in the Suntarsky district. The company received data on the population size of all settlements in the district, river water samples analysis results collected in February, May and June of this year, as well as certificates of energy capacity for the installation of wastewater treatment plants.

August 31, 2018 – Chief power engineer of ALROSA Andrey Tarkhov and other company's specialists will start a survey of 16 areas of Suntar District, which require the installation or modernization of water treatment facilities for the selection of suitable equipment.

The delegation of specialists will visit Vilyuchansky, Nakharinsky, Krestyiysky, Kuokuninsky, Tenkinsky, Bordnosky, Khadansky, Ilimirsky, Suntarsky, Tuoydahsky, Ustinsky, Elgoysky, Kutanin, Tyubiya, Sheinsky and Tyubai-Zharskhan areas.

"We will work in the Suntar region for about three days. The purpose of the survey is to collect information qualitatively and quickly to determine the technology of water treatment, the need for additional engineering communications. This will speed up the process of selecting plants and purchasing them. It is planned to visit and check the state of the energy sector, available water intakes and treatment facilities of all 16 areas of the district, which are located along the Vilyui River," said ALROSA Chief Power Engineer Andrei Tarkhov.

Now the specialists of the company are working out the most optimal options for water purification technology, which will be used in the purification works for all sixteen legacies. In addition, negotiations with three potential suppliers of water treatment plants are underway.

On August 27 the management of ALROSA sent a letter to the head of Suntar District Anatoly Grigoriev with a request to provide the initial technical data necessary for the prompt order and installation of water treatment facilities in residential settlements of Suntar District. All equipment will be selected according to the needs of the population living in the villages of the Suntar District and using water from the Vilyui river.

Earlier, in 2013, ALROSA also transferred 55 million rubles to the Administration of the municipal Nyurbinsky district for purchase, delivery and installation of similar water treatment facilities in seven settlements in the area of the River Markha lower reaches.