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ALROSA will reconsider the design documentation of dams noting the abnormal floods

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Considering the flooding of the ditches with rain floods on the Irelyah river in the middle of August that formed due to abnormal rainfall, ALROSA is working out approaches to the project correction. The company will consider the possibilities of increasing the capacity of the stream diversion channel.

Yakutniproalmaz Institute, being the general designer, in cooperation with special purpose contractors will carry out the analysis of design approaches.

At the moment, the dams have been restored to the design parameters of the current documentation. They are working in normal mode.

Specialists of Yakutiniproalmaz Institute are already collecting information and conduct calculations to revise the initial data, which will subsequently be used for all projects. Determined during the initial phase of the decision to adjust the project will be subjected to the required state expertise.

It is supposed that, first of all, the works will be organized around the dam №7, which first takes on large amount water during the floods. After that, the reliability of the water passage around the remaining dams of the deposit will be consistently increased.
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