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Yakutia to receive more than 6 billion from the federal budget for healthcare

  • Published in InFocus
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Yakutia will receive more than 6 billion rubles out of 8 billion rubles allocated additionally to the formation of the budgets of the country's regions in the field of medicine. This was announced by Natalia Stadchenko, the Chairman of the Federal Fund for Compulsory Medical Insurance, on October 11 at the meeting of the Russian Federation State Duma Committee for the Protection of Health.

Fedot Tumusov repeatedly made proposals for changing the standards for financing health care, namely, increasing the budget for Yakutia, where it is difficult to provide medical services due to the huge distances between settlements.

At one of the speeches in the State Duma, Natalia Stadchenko, answering a question from the deputy from Yakutia, said she was ready to amend the budget.

"After the meeting of the State Duma Committee for Health Protection, he fulfilled his promise and kissed Natalia Stadchenko, Chairman of the Federal Fund for Compulsory Medical Insurance,” wrote Fedot Tumusov on his Facebook page.

The deputy explained that "the case concerns a long-term struggle to take into account the regional peculiarities of Yakutia when determining the standards for financing health care. Namely, the coefficient that would take into account the remoteness of settlements and our harsh climatic conditions in the formation of the budget for medicine. At one of the reports, Natalia Nikolaevna said that she had heard us and was working on this issue, in particular, she would increase the budget expenditures index from 3 to 4.5, and I, in turn, promised to kiss her.

Today, in the course of the official report, she said that because of the increase in the index, the growth in subventions is 8 billion rubles throughout the Russian Federation. And I asked "What about Yakutia?" and Natalia Nikolaevna said that out of these 8 billion rubles Yakutia's share is more than 6 billion rubles.”

The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) will receive more than 6 billion rubles additionally for the health care industry!