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ALROSA to solve a water supply problem in the Vilyui District Group

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A separate phased program to ensure quality water supply of the Vilyui group of districts is planned to be developed this year. This was noted at the first meeting of the working group on the formation of proposals for the reconstruction and construction of water supply facilities for the Vilyui District Group.

According to Dmitry Sadovnikov, Minister of Housing and Public Utilities and Energy of the RS (Y), a working group was formed to prepare proposals for the reconstruction and construction of water supply facilities, settlements carrying out water intake from the Irelyakh, Malaya Botuobiya and Vilyui rivers, which includes representatives of municipalities and ALROSA. So, to provide high-quality drinking water, the population of the Vilyui group of districts needs to build 13 water treatment facilities, modernize the water intake and water treatment facilities in four administrative centers. This was stated by Dmitry Sadovnikov at a working meeting of the Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aisen Nikolaev with the municipal entities of the Vilyui group of uluses and the leadership of ALROSA on the ecological situation on the water bodies of the Irelyakh, Malaya Botuobiya and Vilyui rivers, which was held in Verkhnevilyuisk.

According to the results of the recent visiting meeting in Verkhnevilyuisky district, the Head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev ordered the Government of the RS (Y) to submit proposals until November 16 to solve the problem of providing high-quality water supply to the regions of the Diamond Province affected by the pollution of three rivers.

Andrei Lobashev, Deputy Head of Vilyuisky Ulus, noted that the capacity of the 300 m3 / day water intake facility in Vilyuisk is insufficient, a similar problem with the capacity of treatment facilities is observed in the village of Kysyl-Syr.

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It is necessary to increase the production capacity of water intakes and the work of sewage treatment plants

Thus, based on the results of on-site inspections of water supply facilities, members of the working group determined that in the city of Vilyuisk an increase in the production capacity of the existing water intake to 1000 m3 / day is required. In the village of Verkhnevilyuisk, reconstruction of the existing water treatment plant with a capacity of 800 m3 / day is required. To date, the facility is in disrepair. In the city of Nyurba, it is also necessary to install a borehole water intake with a capacity of 2000 m3 / day with the installation of 4 water treatment plants and the construction of a water conduit to the village of Antonovka due to the high wear of the existing infrastructure. In the village of Suldyukar, a sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 5 m3 / day is operated, a new water treatment plant with a capacity of 15 m3 / day is needed. In other settlements, either an increase in the productivity of the facility or the construction of new sewage treatment plants is required.

In the villages of Starovatovo and Tosu there are no sewage treatment plants at all. Water supply of settlements is carried out from the lake, which tends to overflow in the spring flood. In this regard, the municipal area is proposed to build compact treatment facilities for the preparation of drinking water on the basis of the boiler house of the State Unitary Enterprise Housing and Communal Services. Besides, the need for water equipment is further defined. For a complete supply of water to the population, it is necessary to have 15 water trucks in Suntar ulus, taking into account 2 water trucks from ALROSA, which will soon be delivered, 4 water trucks in Verkhnevilyuisk ulus, 2 water trucks in Nyurba ulus, 1 in the village of Syuldyukar, Mirny district.

Dmitry Sadovnikov emphasized that taking into account the impact of industrial activity on the ecosystem and in order to prevent the recurrence of an emergency situation, it is necessary to provide all settlements located downstream of industrial facilities with a water treatment system and water intake facilities.

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ALROSA: First of all, we will help those settlements that do not have sewage treatment plants

In the opinion of Andrei Tarkhov, ALROSA Chief Power Engineer, the program must first include those settlements that do not have sewage treatment plants. However, for the formation of specific proposals and solutions, analytical data on the technical state of water supply facilities and the needs of municipalities are required.

As for the water trucks, next year ALROSA plans to provide the Vilyui group of districts with 20 units of special equipment. Three units of equipment were provided during the operational measures to provide the population with clean drinking water.

First Deputy Minister of Housing and Public Utilities and Energy of the RS (Y), Nikolai Duraev, addressing the heads of municipalities, noted that they need to consider their proposals for inclusion in the program in a balanced and objective way.

“All the needs formed by the municipalities of the Vilyui group of districts will be considered exclusively within the framework of your water supply schemes, since they take into account the development prospects of the district,” said the First Deputy Minister.

The First Deputy Head of the Suntar District, Nikolai Aleksandrov, raised the issue of reimbursement of expenses incurred by the municipality as part of operational measures to provide clean drinking water to the population during the pollution of the Vilyui River, including the construction of roads to alternative water sources.

According to Yulia Vasyukova, acting head of the Social Development Department of ALROSA, a list of expenses of the affected municipalities of the Vilyuisk, Verkhnevilyuisky, Suntar and Nyurba districts will be submitted for consideration in the near future. In this case, the list will include reasonable expenses of municipalities.