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IT startup from Yakutia conquers New York

  • Published in InFocus

InDriver passenger service launched in the USA

On December 4, the Yakut passenger service inDriver was launched in the USA. The first city in the country, residents of which can use the service, is New York. Currently inDriver is available to residents of all five boroughs of the city - Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.

Today, about 5,000 drivers with TLC licenses (Taxi and Limousine Commission of NYC) are connected to the service, and their number is growing. The inDriver company also received a TLC license for the right to work in the city and state, and in July 2018 it moved its head office to New York.

Launch in the city with an extremely high level of competition was preceded by semi-annual preparation, solving legal issues, paperwork, drivers recruiting, tests and debugging. A special version of the application was developed: with non-cash payments, deductions of insurance and taxes, tips, e-mail receipts and other new features.

New York is the largest market for passenger traffic in the United States. In this metropolis, almost a million trips a day are made through taxis and aggregators.

At the same time, prices for trips around the city, especially during peak hours, are unreasonably high, and pricing is completely opaque. Drivers are forced to overwork in order to reach an acceptable level of income, aggregators keep about 30-40% of each payment due to high commissions. inDriver came to New York to make a difference.

Today, the service is already operating in more than 160 cities in 11 countries of the world - the USA, Russia, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.

The inDriver company was founded in Yakutsk in 2013. The service uses a decentralized model, when all the conditions of the trip are determined as a result of an agreement between the driver and the passenger.
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