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Moscow Festival showed the importance of Yakutia in the Far East

  • Published in InFocus
Ais interview

The business program of the Days of the Far East festival in Moscow came to an end, in which the Yakut delegation led by the head of the republic Aisen Nikolaev took part. At this event, Yakutia proved to be one of the most active regions of the Far East.

“We have been far less dismissive of the participation in the Days of the Far East like never before.” Yakutia is represented here most fully, like no other region, in terms of its content,” said the head of the republic Aisen Nikolaev, noting the active participation of the Yakut delegation in the festival’s events, as well as the popularity of the past ‘Invest in Yakutia!’ seminar.

He stressed that the involvement of the Yakut people in the sessions on the urban environment, education and tourism reflects the significance of Yakutia in the Far East's development. This is confirmed by the holding of bilateral meetings with the conclusion of agreements with several subsoil users. “Our agreement with ALROSA and Polyus Aldan on the possibility of building a power transmission line and electricity transit from the west of Yakutia to the north of the Irkutsk region is very promising. It will allow implementing a number of projects to increase gold production in the Irkutsk region, and on the other hand, it will allow ALROSA to export energy using the capacities of its gas enterprises,” the head of Yakutia explained.

In addition to the economic part, the republic’s cultural program was also a success. Aisen Nikolaev expressed confidence that the symbiosis of humanitarian ties and economic projects will allow achieving a more dynamic development of the region and the implementation of a number of investment projects in Yakutia.