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Head of the Republic gathers Yakutia's best schoolchildren at New Year's party

  • Published in InFocus
Presidents New Year party

The State Circus hosted the main New Year's party of the republic

Presidents New Year party 2

Children watched the New Year performance based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen The Snow Queen, the Zavod dance studio and the Snow Voice group, the schoolchildren were congratulated by the head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev.

Presidents New Year party 3
“On behalf of the whole republic, I congratulate you and tens of thousands of our children on the upcoming new 2019 and wish you all the best. I am glad that today almost 700 best students, excellent students, who won at the Olympiads and competitions, sports competitions of the highest level, those who actively manifest themselves in public life, gathered here. This is very important to cultivate leadership qualities since childhood. I am sure that you are the generation that will develop Yakutia to the highest frontiers. We will support this. Dear children, happiness to you, good luck and success!” Aisen Nikolaev addressed to the invited.

The Christmas tree of the head of Yakutia, by tradition, gathers talented young people - excellent students, winners of subject Olympiads, international competitions, research and training conferences, world and European champions in various sports.

“I was invited to this New Year’s party for my achievements in sports - I am a member of the All-Russian GTO sports complex, twice I entered the national team of the republic. It is a great honor, for the first time I participate in such a large-scale event. I am in anticipation of so many new impressions, new acquaintances," said one of the participants of the Christmas tree, Sayana Grigorieva, a tenth-grader of the Yakutsk city classical gymnasium.

Presidents New Year party 4
“I’m sure that for children today's event is a huge incentive and a significant step to strengthen the faith in themselves, the belief that they are the leaders of their generation, and their ambition to be better,” said Minister of Culture and Spiritual Development of the RS (Y) Yuri Kupriyanov.

Presidents New Year party 5
As YSIA reported earlier, all 700 participants of the Christmas Tree of the Head of the Republic are awarded one-time scholarships in the amount of 25,000 rubles at the expense of the state program Development of Education of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) for 2016-2022 and for the planning period until 2026.