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Yakutsk-Nizhny Bestyakh ice winter road opened

  • Published in InFocus
winter road

The Vilyui Road Administration reports the opening of the Yakutsk-Nizhny Bestyakh ice crossing

From December 25, traffic on the Yakutsk-Nizhny Bestyakh auto winter road is opened on the Kolyma federal highway. Based on the actual condition of the ice thickness, the loading capacity of an automobile transport with a gross weight of up to 10 tons has been established.

The total length of the ice winter road along the Lena River is 12 km. Works on the approach from both banks and the main lanes for traffic in each direction are made on the ice winter road, reserve technological lanes are arranged to ensure uninterrupted vehicular traffic.

To regulate the vehicular traffic, road signs and information boards are installed, and around the clock road services are organized at the entrances to the ice road.

The Vilyui Road Administration strongly recommends not to neglect the permissible carrying capacity and strictly follow the requirements of the established traffic signs to ensure the safety of motor vehicles and the safety of the ice car winter road.