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10.000 ALROSA employees have access to telemedicine services

  • Published in InFocus
ALROSA has integrated online doctors' consultations into the corporate medicine system

As part of a pilot project, 10.000 ALROSA employees working at the Mirny production site in Yakutia received unlimited access to telemedicine consultations of Moscow doctors. The service has become an addition to the standard social package of company employees.

Telemedicine is designed to increase the availability of medical services, to help company employees working in difficult climatic conditions, often on a rotational basis; to receive prompt medical care and to consult with highly qualified doctors 24/7 online.

“Telemedical consultations will not replace a real visit to the doctor, but will be useful in some cases. For example, during a business trip, vacation abroad, when a personal visit to the doctor is temporarily impossible, as well as in emergency situations before an ambulance arrives. Remotely, a doctor can make a recommendation regarding a call to a particular medical specialist, evaluate the symptoms of diseases and the results of tests and recommend a plan for further action,” says Yulia Kulakova, director of the ALROSA Medical Center, which oversees the telemedicine project for ALROSA.

Free consultations of general practitioners on duty, physicians, pediatricians, and medical specialists are available to ALROSA employees: gynecologists, urologists, neurologists, cardiologists, orthopedic traumatologists, gastroenterologists, occupational pathologists, rheumatologists, ophthalmologists, allergologists, endocrinologists, dermatologists, otolaryngologists and surgeons.

One can contact doctors around the clock through an internet connection. The duty doctors will get in touch within 3 minutes after the application has been filed, and specialists can be booked in advance through an application, by phone or on the website of the telemedicine service.

'Doctor Ryadom' Medical Company is the operator for ALROSA employees, one of the leaders in the Russian telemedicine market, serving more than 3 million clients.

The pilot project started at the Mirny site of ALROSA at the end of December and will last until the end of 2019. In case of positive feedback, the possibility of connecting employees of other ALROSA divisions to the telemedicine service will be considered.