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Anatoly Semyonov: Media of the republic will be in demand

  • Published in InFocus
Anatoly Semyonov

Anatoly Semyonov, Minister of Innovation, Digital Development and Infocommunication Technologies of Yakutia, congratulates on the Russian Press Day:

  • Traditionally on this day we are summing up the past year, and it was really special for the media of our republic. In 2018, two new media outlets were launched in Yakutia at once - the twenty-four-hour information TV channel Yakutia24, the single site of the regional newspapers Ulus.Media. The establishment of the title of Honored Journalist of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) has become an important milestone in the history of Yakut journalism; the first owners of this high title will be awarded today.
  • Printing, publishing in Yakutia develops largely due to the high professionalism, enthusiasm and daily work of all industry workers. I am convinced that with the help of IT technologies, print media, Yakut publishing houses will reach a completely new level, expand their audience even more, and be in demand outside the republic. In the digital age, we will have to overcome a difficult but interesting way to find new formats and platforms that will help make books, newspapers, magazines and other media more accessible and closer to the reader, will give the opportunity to preserve and share our culture, art and history.